Bobbleheads have certainly swept their way across the national consciousness of late, with waves of Bobbleheads for sports stars, Hollywood A-listers and national politicians being joined by Bobbleheads for college football juniors, the not quite C-Listers and even reality TV contestants! Is there no end to those who seem to able to be immortalized in bobbling plastic? It doesn’t seem particularly fair that zero talent accidental celebrities are getting this treatment. Surely you deserve your own Bobblehead.

Can I be Bobbled so easily?

But is it really feasible for just anybody to become a Bobblehead superstar? You would think that to do so would require quite a large bobbling run off, and so be a pretty expensive investment. Obviously having your own Bobblehead run is a real mark that you have made it into pop culture, but can you really afford the dollars, even for such a worthy cause. But if that is the way your mind is working, prepare to be surprised- you can actually have your own Bobblehead, nestling in your lap, for less than the price of a hamburger and fries.

The relentless advance of Bobbling Technology

Bobbling technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and it is now the case that all you need to do is send a photo (a good one mind!) to the Bobblehead workshop in order to get your likeness fully represented in your own Bobblehead. It really is the case that the limits of progress know no bounds! So stop dreaming the life and start living the dream- send your photo today, and start your own Bobblehead clone army!