It is beyond doubt that one of the better ways to play Fallout 3, the major gaming hit in the post-nuclear simulation, is to seek and acquire all of the Vault Boy Bobbleheads. Not only are they very cute, in a bizarre blonde-curl and blue jump-suit sort of way. They give you major boosts to important attributes and skills. Without the Vault Boy Bobbleheads, making it big on Planet Fallout is not easy. But what do you do when the dust settles, and the games console powers down? Can you deal with Vault Boy Bobbleheads withdrawal symptoms?

Forget pixels- get plastic!

Well, when one around the cold turkey here is to collect some, or all, of the real world plastic Vault boy Bobbleheads. There are twenty of these big headed figurines for you to purloin, so if you’ve got the shelf space, now is the time to start collecting.

The difficulty is deciding which of the Vault Boy Bobbleheads to get first- will it be the awesome orator, Speech Bobblehead, or do you go all martial, and get Small arms Bobblehead? Or upgrade to Big arms Bobblehead, with his massive ordnance- you better hope he’s well balanced, because once he starts bobbling, he may just topple over!

Go nuclear with the whole set

But if you’re in the mood for financial Armageddon, why not splash out on all twenty Vault Boy Bobbleheads in one go. That way you won’t feel your favoring one or other of those boys in blue. Because they have feelings too, and after all they’ve done for you, show some respect for the Vault Boy Bobbleheads!