Ravens Top Jets In NFL Preseason Action

NY Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez struggled early, though recovered to throw a TD before he left the game for the night. Despite the score, the Baltimore Ravens held on to defeat the Jets 24-23. The Jets scored a touchdown with :22 seconds remaining and could have tied the game, but as is the norm during NFL preseason went for two points and the win. Baltimore improved to 2-0 on the NFL preseason while the Jets dropped to 0-2.

Sanchez, who is trying to win the Jets starting QB job threw an errant pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown on his first drive. After the game, he spoke of the play:

“Not obviously the way you want to start. I thought I was doing the right thing; I felt Ray come free on the right side from the protection. I was checking it down to the flat, perfect. Haloti just jumped right in front of the ball and made a really athletic play.”

Ravens defensive leader Ray Lewis talked about the young QBs inexperience:

“You put a young guy like Sanchez in there and you see our defense, it can be difficult. You saw his eyes get big, and he was jumping around in the pocket. Bottom line: We gave a lot of looks and disguises and we confused him a little bit.”

Sanchez agreed that it was tough adjusting to real world game conditions:

“Oh, they were flying. They were flying around. You practice for it and you see it on film. These guys were doing it. You’re trying to keep one eye on Ed Reed and one eye on Ray Lewis and a D-lineman gets you.”

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was proud of how Sanchez handled the pressure:

“I’m proud of the way he responded. It ain’t going to be perfect; sometimes you have these type of nights. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and most of that goes to their defense.”

The Jets will get the NFL regular season underway on Sunday, September 13th as they travel to Houston to play the Texans. The Ravens will host the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and highly respected authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

Seattles Matt Hasselbeck and Denvers Kyle Orton both played fairly well in the first half, but the Seahawks reserves pulled away in the second half. The Seahawks improved to 2-0 on the NFL preseason with a 27-13 win over the Denver Broncos. The Broncos dropped to 0-2 in their exhibition contests.

Hasselbeck completed 16 passes in 23 attempts including two touchdowns, though he was sacked three times. That was a big concerned as he missed considerable time last season due to a back injury, but appeared to suffer no ill effects here. Still, the Seahawks starting QB said its never a pleasant experience:

“It’s just like I remembered- no fun. … I forgot how hard people hit in here. It’s just like a car accident. It’s part of the game … and it was probably good that it happened.”

After a rough opening weekend as the Denver Broncos starting QB, Kyle Orton recovered to post decent numbers. After the game, Orton indicated that hes feeling confident about his play:

“I’ve got an awful lot of confidence right now, I really do. This is the best offense I’ve ever played with. This is the best talent around me that I’ve ever had. I just feel that my game right now is as good as it has ever been.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was more measured in his assessment:

“I think he acquitted himself fairly well. He played, you know, fairly well. There’s still obviously room for improvement. But he did what we feel he is capable of doing.

It would have been hard for Orton to have played worse than he did in the Broncos opening NFL preseason contest against the San Francisco 49ers last week”in that game Orton threw three interceptions in his first three drives.

The Seahawks will continue their NFL preseason slate next Saturday against the Chiefs in Kansas City. Denver, meanwhile, will host Ortons old team”the Chicago Bears”and face their former starting QB Jay Cutler for the first time. Seattle will get the NFL regular season off and running on Sunday, September 13th as they host the St. Louis Rams. The Broncos will travel to Cincinnati for a game against the Bengals on the opening Sunday of the regular season.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and respected authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

In a muscle development routine, the exercises which you do may make all the difference between an efficient strategy and one that won’t accomplish a lot for you. The great thing is that there are several muscle development physical exercise techniques you are able to incorporate into your training that can help increase your muscle mass and keep you fit.

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Really work them with passion while lifting and observe how they’re becoming stronger in response. Fabulous abs are shaped in much the same way as any other muscle group. In other words, they need to be worked, strained, and pushed so as to become beautifully shaped.

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It is essential when selecting bodybuilding workouts that you start off with ones you are physically skilled to try. Keep in mind the way you do the workout is as important as the individual training workouts you decide upon. Quite simply, technique makes a difference, so do not risk undue trauma by rushing in before you understand how to try the work.

Do a bit of research or ask a fitness coach at the gymnasium regarding what sorts of muscle building workouts work specific groups of muscles, after which incorporate those of most interest into your workout strategy. Choose a reasonable physical exercise program that builds up (at least to a point) all your chief muscle groups so you look and feel your very best – not merely after finishing the plan, but all along the way.

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Bowling Green played Boise State tough on their home field this weekend–at least for one quarter. Things looked good for the host Falcons at the end of the first quarter, as they’d held the #6 ranked Broncos scoreless and were right in the thick of things in a scoreless game. It was all downhill from that point for Bowling Green, as Boise State exploded for 29 unanswered second quarter points. The Broncos would eventually win 49-14, improving to 4-0 on the season. Bowling Green dropped to 1-3 as Boise improved their record against the MAC to 6-2 all time.

The Broncos easily covered as -16 road favorites. The 63 combined points went OVER the posted total of 51. Boise State needed four plays or less on their first six scoring drives, and amassed a season high 529 yards of total offense. Their defense also forced the Falcons into three costly turnovers. By halftime, the game was essentially over.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen had insisted on more quick strike scoring drives in the week before the Bowling Green game. They most definitely delivered, and the coach commented to their performance after the contest:

“On offense, that’s always the name of the game. It makes it a lot easier when you don’t have those 15- and 17-play drives.”

Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore threw 17 completions in 21 pass attempts for a total of 247 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. After the game, Moore indicated that his team wasnt resting on their impressive season to date performance:

“There’s a lot of football to go and a lot of things to work on.

Coach Petersen concurred with his quarterbacks comment:

“These guys are a fairly mature bunch and if not, we have a staff of mature coaches to keep them focused.

Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawson sounded somewhat in awe of the Broncos ability to score so quickly:

“That’s what they do. When they have 500 yards of offense, it will always be 10 to 12 plays where half their offense came from.”

The Broncos, who are enjoying their highest regular season ranking in school history, looked sharp all around on offense despite the absence of second leading rusher DJ Harper. Harper is likely out for the year after a knee injury.

Bowling Green will take a step down in class of opposition next weekend as they host the Ohio Bobcats. Boise will return home for a game against FCS opponent UC Davis next Saturday. Theyll play on the road at Tulsa the following weekend, before enjoying a bye week. Theyll be back in action on October 25 as they make the long trip to play the University of Hawaii.

Ross Everett is a widely published widely published freelance sports writer and respected authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

Even when the games don’t count and the starters play little, if at all, the Baltimore Ravens hate to lose. The Ravens third string signal caller John Beck played the entire game, and the former BYU standout threw for 232 yards and a pair of touchdown passes as the Ravens easily beat the Atlanta Falcons 20-3 at the Georgia Dome. The victory gave the Ravens an undefeated NFL preseason mark at 4-0, while the Falcons finished the exhibition campaign with a 2-2 record.

Sports enthusiasts who bet on NFL preseason action were rewarded for their investment in the Ravens, as Baltimore won outright as +3 road underdogs. Baltimore also finished the NFL preseason with a perfect 4-0 mark against the spread, while Atlanta finished 2-1-1 against the number.

Ravens QB Beck expressed how pleased he was to get the opportunity to showcase his skills for the entire game:

“He (coach John Harbaugh) told me a few days ago that I would play the whole game. It was very exciting to get to play the whole game.”

Beck made the most of his opportunity, finishing with 232 yards on 16 of 28 passing and a pair of touchdowns with no interceptions. The Ravens defense held the Falcons to just 175 yards of total offense.

Despite the lackluster effort by his team, Falcons coach Mike Smith was nonplussed:

“You’ve got to understand in these games, you’re going to call things defensively and offensively to put players in certain situations to evaluate them. You’re not game-planning in a game like this. You’re going to put players in certain situations to see how they handle certain techniques and coverages.”

Falcon cornerback Chris Houston was a little more concerned after a poor showing by the Atlanta defensive secondary:

“We’ve got to work on everybody getting to the ball. We’ve got to try to be more aggressive in our techniques. We made some plays tonight, but other than that, we still have a lot to work on as a defense.”

The Ravens will get the 2009 NFL regular season underway at home, hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, September 13th. The Falcons, meanwhile, will welcome the Miami Dolphins to the Georgia Dome to get their campaign started. Baltimore will head west to San Diego for a game against the Chargers in week 2, while Atlanta will remain at home for a key NFC South matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance sports writer and noted authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

In one of the highlight matches of the DREAM/K-1 Fields Dynamite! New Years Eve megacard, Japanese submission machine Shinya Aoki used a heel hook to submit a top notch opponent in Eddie Alverez at 1:32 of the first round. With the victory, Aoki sets up a rematch against reigning DREAM lightweight champion Joachim Hansen and bolsters his claim as the best lightweight fighter in the world.

When the Aoki/Alverez fight was first announced, there was some speculation that Aoki had chosen one of the worst possible stylistic matchups for him. A product of tough Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia, he grew up not far from where much of the exterior scenes were shot for the first Rocky movie. With this sort of toughness and heart bred into him, and a solid background in boxing and amateur wrestling hes become one of the best all round fighters in MMA and among the best in the world at the weight.

Alverez received an enthusiastic reaction from the fans in Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena as he made his way to the ring on New Years Eve”his run to the DREAM lightweight finals and particularly the epic battle with Hansen has made him a highly respected and popular fighter in Japan. The reaction he received was nothing like Aoki’s, however, who was cheered like a rock star as he bounced to the ring to his trademark theme song “Baka Survivo”r. While the fans stood and clapped along to the song, Alverez stood in the ring and shadow boxed–appearing somewhat like he didn’t know what he’d gotten himself into.

As the two fighters stood for referee instructions, it was striking how much taller and rangier Aoki was than his opponent. Aoki is listed at 511, Alverez at 58 but the visual difference suggests that there’s much more than a three inch height advantage in favor of Aoki. The two men respectfully touched gloves and bowed slightly before heading back to their corner for the opening bell of what most anticipated would be a lengthy chess match between two of the best fighters at the weight.

For the first minute of the match, it appeared that a slow feeling out process was underway. Alverez was the aggressor for most of the first minute, coming forward while using his jab as a range finder.

What happened next can only be described as unbelievable”the sequence started when Aoki grabbed Alverez’s ankle after a kick and appeared to go for what looked like a standing anklelock submission. Alverez managed to extricate his ankle and seeing that Aoki was off balance took the opportunity to go for his own takedown with a move that looked more like a judo throw than a traditional wrestling move. Against 99.9% of the other fighters in the world, Alverez would have ended up on top and started working in full or half guard. In other words, it was a perfect strategic move for Alverez and in theory would lead to an opportunity to use his superior power and striking ability.

When Alverez landed, however, Aoki wasn’t there. In one single, almost gravity defying motion hed used the momentum from the takedown to shoot under Alverez and grab his leg. Alverez struggled briefly, but Aoki quickly cinched in a painful heel hook. Eventually, Alverez maneuvered himself into an even worse position and with an audible shout of pain was forced to tap.

Ever the gentleman, Aoki dropped to the canvas after the tapout to check on his opponents condition than started his postfight celebration. Aoki is known as one of the most emotional fighters in the sport, and its an even money proposition that hell start crying during his postfight speech to the crowd. This time, however, he seemed excited and triumphant with no tears whatsoever. He quickly addressed the crowd in Japanese to an enthusiastic response before heading to the back.

One superlative that is no longer in dispute is Shinya Aoki’s status as the best submission artist in mixed martial arts. Hes got the technical background to be sure, but what elevates him above the rest is his amazing ability at improvisation. Even if an opponent has mastered all of the defenses and counters for every known submission technique, there’s no way to defend someone who can make up effective submission moves during a fight.

Ross Everett is a freelance writer and respected authority on sports betting odds comparison. He writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and betting odds portal sites. He lives in Northern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

The New England Patriots looked nothing like a team that had gone undefeated at home all season, let alone one of the dominant teams of the past few years. The Baltimore Ravens took advantage of a weak New England rushing defense and some untimely mistakes by QB Tom Brady to lead 14-0 just five minutes. They would end the first quarter up 24-0 and would never be seriously threatened as they coasted to a 33-14 victory in Sunday’s NFL Wildcard game. Baltimore used 234 yards on the ground and three rushing touchdowns to force the Patriots to play from behind, and then let their defense do the rest.

NFL football betting enthusiasts who took Baltimore as +3′ road underdogs were mentally counting their winnings before the end of the first quarter. The Patriots had dominated the head to head matchups with a 5-0 mark (4-1 ATS) and were undefeated at 8-0 (5-3 ATS) on their home field heading into this matchup. The 47 combined points scored went OVER the posted total of 43.

The Ravens took advantage of three first quarter turnovers by Tom Brady to build their insurmountable lead. Ricky Rice ran for an 83 yard touchdown on the Ravens’ first place from scrimmage, but afterward refused to proclaim the New England era of dominance over for good:

“Their era is not over, they know how to win but for the Ravens, to beat theNew England Patriotsset a precedent. We’ll always remember this win. One thing we said as an offense is we want to start games fast. I wanted to be the guy today to start fast, whether it was a 5-yard run or an 83-yard run. I wanted to be the guy to say this will be a fast-tempo game. We want the other team to play catch-up to us.”

Baltimore certainly did that, forcing New England to play catch up from their first possession. By the end of the first quarter, Brady and his teammates were hearing boos from the Gillette Stadium fans. For his part, Brady didn’t blame them for their displeasure:

“I’d have been booing us, too, the way we played. Playing the way we played today, we weren’t going to beat anybody.”

New England is done for the year, while Baltimore will head to Indianapolis to take on Peyton Manning and the Colts on Saturday night. Indy has won and covered three straight against the Ravens, though Baltimore gave them a tough fight at home this season before losing 17-15 as a +1 home underdog. The NFL pointspread for this game has the Colts installed as -6′ point home favorites with the total set at 45.

Ross Everett is a well known expert on sports handicapping and a widely published writer specializing in NFL football, horse racing, clogging and model railroading. He provides daily free sports picks to Internet and broadcast media outlets. He lives in Reno, Nevada, Nevada with three dogs and a retired racing wombat.

The Rewards Of Cheerleading Camps

Cheerleading camps are a great way to improve current skills, learn new ones, bond with newer members of the squad and make new friends. Going to a cheerleaders camp can be something for the whole school squad or for an individual who may wish to attend. Attending a camp is considered by many people to be an investment, as it helps to improve and hone a cheerleader’s level of skill.

Naturally, there are several advantages to attending cheerleading camps, such as bonding with other squad members, yet it also gives everyone a chance to practice together and to learn new moves and yells for cheerleaders. Coaches also get the opportunity to get their feet wet before school starts and enables everyone to practice for any future competitions. A camp also offers instructions on how to perform tumbling and stunts in a safe manner.

Yet just as with anything else, you will find a few disadvantages to participating in a cheerleading camp, as well. There are a few factors that you will want to take into account prior to participating. Nearly all of these kinds of camps demand a certain degree of athleticism, so it is important that everybody be fit and that you determine your squad’s capabilities. Camps are also very competitive. If you are a brand new squad or if you’re below a particular skill level, then you may want to wait a little longer before attending. It might also be very costly to participate and some individuals might not be able to pay for it; it isn’t great if just half of the squad members can go.

It is always recommended that you work out before attending any cheerleading camps or you will definitely be in some pain within the first couple of days. Most of the camps will spend many hours each day learning new jumps, stunts and tumbling routines, as well as choosing music for cheerleaders. All of the strenuous exercise makes for sore cheerleaders if they are not used to being so active. Being in decent shape before camp makes it easier during the down times when you are not practicing as well.

For a number of cheerleading squads, cheerleading camps are a means of not merely learning new things and improving old ones but additionally a means to make new friends and begin to bond with newer squad members. Some of the cheerleader camps are designed for school squads and others for individuals. Attending a camp for cheerleaders should be considered an investment towards improving the squad, as well as bettering each participant’s abilities.

Cheerleaders are excellent at motivating fans into cheering on their favorite team. Yet there is more to cheerleading than just that. Find out about competitive cheerleading and more at Cheerleading 101.

Age sneaks up on professional prizefighters, at least in terms of their competitive abilities. There are exceptions–Archie Moore, George Foreman, James Toney–but they are rare. Typically, a high level boxer can go from legitimacy to retirement in a matter of minutes. The most recent victim of ‘Father Time’ was Mexican Superstar Oscar De La Hoya, who looked completely outclassed in what would be his last bout–an 8th round TKO loss to Panamanian sensation Manny Pacquiao.

There was much concern prior to the fight about Pacquiaos ability to handle the naturally larger De La Hoyas strength and power. That concern was completely ill founded, and the reigning pound for pound king began to overwhelm De La Hoya from the opening round. Pacquiaos seemingly nonstop flurries of strikes began to show their effect on De La Hoyas face as his elusiveness made it impossible for his opponent to retaliate with any offense of his own.

As the fight progressed, it became nothing less than a one sided beating. His only effective flurry came in the 5th round, when he scored with a few solid body punches. It did little more than prolong the inevitable finish. Between the 7th and 8th round, trainer Nacho Berenstein told his fighter that he wasn’t going to let him stay out there and take a beating if he wasnt throwing punches. After the 8th round, Berenstein stopped the fight and Oscar smartly didn’t object to what was clearly the right decision.

The judges scorecards at the time of the stoppage vividly reflect the one-sidedness of the contest: two of the three judges scored the fight 80-71, with Pacquaio winning all eight rounds (with a 10-8 margin in the 7th). One judge charitably gave De La Hoya the fifth round, which was certainly a stretch resulting in a 79-72 margin. De La Hoya displayed the class of a champion following the fight, as he deflected Larry Merchants pointed questions about his relatively low weight to keep the focus on Pacquiaos masterful performance. He stopped short of retiring in the ring, but certainly sounded as if he were leaning in that direction as he observed:

“At this stage when you face someone like Pacquiao, it’s going to be a hard fight. I worked hard and trained really hard to get ready for this fight, but it’s a lot different story when you’re training than when you are actually in the ring. I just felt flat, like I didn’t have it. My heart still wants to fight, but when you physically don’t respond, you have to be smart.”

De La Hoyas post fight behavior should be required viewing for all aspiring prizefighters to learn how a champion carries himself with class, dignity and respect for the sport even in defeat. De La Hoya is an international superstar worth nearly a billion dollars; if he can conduct himself with grace and humility there’s simply no excuse for other fighters not to follow his classy example.

The most poignant moment came as De La Hoya prepared to leave the ring to allow Pacquiao to enjoy his glory. As De La Hoya gave him a final congratulatory hug, Pacquiao assured him that “You’re still my hero”.

To which the incredibly classy De La Hoya responded: “No, now you’re my hero.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and noted authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Northern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

Until Sunday, it looked as if the return of Brett Favre to the NFL would have a storybook ending and propel the Minnesota Vikings to the Superbowl. Instead, the New Orleans Saints will be heading to the Superbowl for the first time in franchise history. Garrett Hartley nailed a 40 yard field goal in overtime to give the Saints a 31-28 victory in the NFC Championship game after Brett Favre was intercepted deep in Saints territory during the final seconds of regulation. Favre may be headed back to retirement, while the Saints are headed to Miami to play the biggest game of them all.

The Vikings did reward NFL betting fans who took them as +4 underdogs with a pointspread cover. Minnesota finished the season a solid 11-6-1 against the NFL pointspread while the Saints head into the Superbowl with a 9-9 ATS mark. The 59 combined points scored went OVER the posted total of 53′. The Saints went OVER for the second consecutive game after playing four straight UNDER verdicts to close out the regular season.

After the game, head coach Sean Payton drew an analogy to the city of New Orleans’ recovery after Hurricane Katrina:

“This is for everybody in this city. This stadium used to have holes in it and used to be wet. It’s not wet anymore. This is for the city of New Orleans.”

Winning quarterback Drew Brees extended that same metaphor:

“In reality, we had to lean on each other in order to survive and in order to get where we are now. The city is on its way to recovery, and in a lot of ways has come back better than ever. We’ve used the strength and resiliency of our fans to go out and play every Sunday and play with the confidence that we can do it, that we can achieve everything we’ve set out to achieve.”

Place kicker Hartley was low key despite securing the victory with his overtime field goal:

“Just helping my team get to Miami. Just doing my part.”

Brett Favre didn’t have much to say in defeat:

“I’ve felt better. It was a physical game. A lot of hits. You win that and you sure feel a lot better.” Mississippi native Favre did throw his support behind the Saints:

“I would have loved to represent the NFC. But, as I told Sean throughout the year when we talked, if it’s not us, I hope it’s you guys.”

The Vikings gave up a total of five turnovers including three fumbles. That, said running back Adrian Peterson, was the game:

“We really gave those guys the game. Too many turnovers. It’s eating me up inside.

Ross Everett is a consulting handicapper advisor for Oddsbay. He’s a highly respected expert on soccer betting, as well as a published freelance writer specializing in sports betting, harness racing, fencing and model railroading. He lives in Las Vegas with his Asian houseboy, three dogs and a retired racing wombat.

While not a vintage performance by their lofty standards, the University of Southern California Trojans overcame a number of mistakes to make big plays when they counted to prevail in a come from behind victory over Ohio State. Stafon Johnson capped a late game drive by scoring the game winning touchdown with just over a minute remaining as the Trojans won by a final score of 18-15. It was the first time the Trojans held the lead since early in the first quarter. The USC victory moved their record on the college football season to 2-0, while the Buckeyes dropped to 1-1. The Trojans have now won ten straight games against Big 10 opponents.

Ohio State did cash tickets for college football bettors, however, covering the spread as a +7 home underdog. USC won and covered last year, but the pointspread setback this year dropped the Trojans to a still impressive 13-5 ATS against the Big Ten conference since 1992. It was also only the second non-cover by a USC team in a non conference game in their last ten opportunities.

19 year old freshman Matt Barkley engineered the game changing comeback drive good for 14 plays and 86 yards. After the game, he spoke of the Trojan tradition of victory:

“We’re Trojans. That’s what we do. This is what we dreamed of, coming back like this. Doesn’t matter where we are in the score. We found a way. I love this.”

Tailback Joe McKnight sarcastically dismissed suggestions that Barkley was ‘scared’ by a Buckeye defense that had shut the potent Trojan offense down for the entire game:

“He was scared, really. No, he came in with the same composure he had the whole game. He was calm. He made plays.”

USC coach Pete Carroll praised Barkleys composure in such an intense environment:

“He’s not 19. He’s our quarterback. I’m not worried about how old he is. Numbers mean nothing.”

Ohio State linebacker Greg Rolle said his defense was playing at a very high level”until the final drive:

“It’s very frustrating, but we knew eventually they’d make plays. The last drive was heartbreaking. Give McKnight lots of credit on that last drive, he was good. The last drive was definitely, you go back and you think about, and you think about how close you came to winning.

Ohio State will travel to Toledo for a non-conference game before starting their Big 10 schedule at home against Illinois. USC now faces three straight Pac 10 games, starting next weekend on the road at the University of Washington. Theyll return home the following weekend for a game against Washington State.

Ross Everett is a widely published widely published freelance sports writer and noted authority on World Cup betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

Alexis Arguello: Remembering A Champion

Alexis Arguello, one of the greatest boxers to ever compete, was found dead in his Managua, Nicaragua home in early July of an apparent suicide. He was 57 years old. Arguello was the mayor of Nicaragua’s capital city at the time of his death.

Known for his class outside the ring as much for his tenacity inside the ring, hes best known to casual fight fans for his epic war in’82 with Aaron The Hawk Pryor when he moved up in weight after dominating at lighter weight classes. Ring Magazine not only named it Fight of the Year, but later would dub it Fight of the Decade. Promoter Bob Arum offered these thoughts on Pryor/Arguello:

“It was a brutal, brutal fight. That was something I will never, ever forget as long as I live. That was one of the most memorable fights I ever did.”

Arguello is arguably the best lightweight and junior lightweight in the history of the sport. Arguello never lost a fight at-0 pounds and would end his career with an astounding 82-8 record with 65 knockouts and championships in three different weight classes. At the time, he was only the sixth man in boxing history to hold title belts at three different weights.

Ironically, Arguellos career didn’t get off to a good start and he lost his debut in’68 via first round TKO. He won his next three fights, before losing again via unanimous decision to another lower tier foe in his native country. After that, he seldom lost again and would go on to be respected as one of the best pound for pound fighters of his day. He was at his best against his toughest adversaries including Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Ruben Olivares. Bob Arum remembered him not only as a great fighter, but as a great man:

“Not only was he one of the greatest fighters I’ve ever seen, he was the most intelligent fighter. He was a ring tactician. Every move was thought out. And he was a wonderful, wonderful person.”

The articulate, intelligent Arguello was frequently quoted on the fight game and how champions should conduct themselves. Here, he speaks of his attitude toward his opponents:

“Of course after the fight you want to make sure that you’re okay and so is the other guy, its a brotherhood in there, so you want to make sure everyone is okay after the war is over.”

Arguello didnt fight for his first title until he’d had 58 fights, and would frequently admonish boxers who didn’t show the same respect for the sport or their status as champion:

“When you won that title you should know now that you are representing a whole country or nation with your actions and you are now in a glass house or under a microscope and you better be ready to make your people proud.”

Arguello loved boxing and fought to protect it from those who would undermine its greatness:

“I respect boxing because it has given me so much and thats why I will never allow anyone to mistreat the sport of boxing if I can help it.”

While the modest, dignified Arguello would never say it himself, that was for from a one sided debt–he also gave immeasurably to the sport of boxing with his grace, intelligence, talent and toughness.

Ross Everett is a freelance writer and respected authority on sports betting odds comparison. He writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and betting odds portal sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

A Legend of English Soccer: Sir Bobby Robson

One of England’s most beloved sporting figures, Sir Bobby Robson, yielded to his courageous fight with cancer recently at the age of 75. Even the often critical British press had nothing bad to say about the universally respected Robson, headlining their obituaries with adjectives like The Bravest Knight or simply The Legend.

Robson enjoyed a productive career as a player that spanned 20 years and was spent primarily in the English Premier League with Fulham and West Bromwich Albion. He also competed for England’s national team on twenty occasions, netting four goals in international play.

After his retirement in’68 as an active player, he found more fame as a team manager both in England and on the international level. In the EPL, his guidance transformed Ipswich Town from a laughing stock to a league powerhouse and he would lead the club for well over a decade. He would also serve as the England National Team manager for 8 years, as well as managing club teams in Portugal and Spain. He ended his career in British football with a stint as manager of Newcastle United that ended in 2004.

Robson earned even more respect and admiration due to his public battle with cancer. Although a brain tumor left him partially paralyzed in 2006, he never wavered in his commitment to English football or to raising money and awareness for cancer treatment. After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2007, he dedicated the rest of his life to helping others with the same diagnosis.

Such was the respect for Robson that two other soccer icons not known for seeing eye to eye were quick to pay their respects. Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho gave this tributes shared his thoughts on Robson:

“I wanted to and I will keep with me always the Bobby Robson of every day, a person who had extraordinary passion for life and for football, with an extraordinary enthusiasm. Bobby Robson is one of those people who never die, not so much for what he did in his career, for one victory more or less, but for what he knew to give to those who had, like me, the good fortune to know him and walk by his side. My thoughts and embraces go to all his loved ones.”

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson shared his own touching comments:

“In my 23 years working in England there is not a person I would put an inch above him. I was never too big or proud to ask him for advice, which he gave freely and unconditionally. And I’m sure I am speaking for a lot of people when I say that. I mourn the passing of a great friend, a wonderful individual, a tremendous football man and somebody with passion and knowledge of the game that was unsurpassed.”

“His character was hewn out of the coalface; developed by the County Durham mining background that he came from. His parents instilled in him the discipline and standards which forged the character of a colossal human being. He added his own qualities to that which he passed on to his sons. The strength and courage he showed over the past couple of years when battling against his fifth bout of cancer was indescribable. Always a smile, always a friendly word with never a mention of his own problems.”

“The world, not just the football world, will miss him. Let’s hope it won’t be long before another like him turns up because we could never get enough of them.”

Many EPL clubs will honor Robson in some form or another during the upcoming season with a number of more lasting tributes planned. Several statues and other permanent forms of remembrance are reportedly under consideration.

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Are you struggling to find the right sport for your child? Do you find that your child excels in gross motor activities such as running and jumping or trips over himself just walking outside? Rest assured there is a kids sport appropriate for your child’s ability level. First, you need to determine where your child’s strengths lie before you select a sport. I am going to give you the tools to find the rights one!

Here are 3 quick tips for determining the RIGHT kids sport:

1. Examine your child’s gross motor skills- These are the large muscle groups that involve everything from walking, running, jumping and skipping. Do you feel that your child is proficient in these areas? if you answered yes your child may be a soccer player. Soccer requires only gross motor skills and is often the first sport of young children. Gymansitcs is also a great option for children with strong gross motor skills

2. Examine your child’s fine motor ability- How efficient is he with his hands? Can your child hold a pencil properly, build with legos, or peel an orange? These are all signs of good fine motor ability. Children with great fine motor skills may excel in tball, volley ball, tennis, or golf.

3. Your child has both fine and gross motor skills- These children will excel in any sport as they are able to achieve all the requirements of any kids sports.

You have determined what kids sports best fits your child’s ability, now it is time to find him a team. Contact your local parks and rec or ymca for more information on their programs. Teaching your children good exercise habits young will help the maintain a healthy lifestyle that incorporates an active lifestyle for years to come.

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Your youngster could be the kind who gets excited each time he or she visits a little pet shop, this may not exactly be because she loves all the animals she sees there however maybe due to all the cute responses she gets from the animals in the little pet shop. However the basic drawback that you as a parent should face is in deciding on just the right pet for your child, because your child doesn’t as of now have the ability to decide which pet would be most suited to his or her personality and what sort of a pet they’d be most comfortable with. So the next time you visit a little pet store in Malaysia, or perhaps a cat pet shop, don’t just pick up the first rabbit or the first kitten that your child finds cute, there are some important things that you have to think about first.

Among the first issues that you need to remember when you’re taking your youngster to a little pet store or a cat pet shop in Malaysia to buy a pet is the size of the pet that you would buy for your child. Of course a really small child won’t be able to take care of a big pet well and won’t even be capable to enjoy such a pet, and will even discover the pet intimidating. In case your child is small, perhaps a small kitten from a cat pet store might be the right size of a pet to buy.

Also, as it is necessary that you inculcate in your little one the best concept about how well your pet must be taken care of every day, and must be groomed well, you also have to make certain your self of what extent of responsibility your child himself can handle. If your youngster thinks that a big shaggy dog could be the right pet for him from the first little pet shop that you go to, it may not be such a good idea to get one because you will be the one ending up doing all the grooming and the taking care of, because your little one might not be old enough to tackle the responsibility.

Also, in case your child isn’t old enough yet to take his or her pet walking every day, then maybe you should not get the type of pet that needs a daily train in the sense of a daily walk. Wouldn’t it’s so much better and would make your job easier by just getting your kid a pet hamster or even a kitten from the cat pet store so that you don’t your self need to take time out of your busy schedule to go take your child’s pet for a walk.

So relying on your child’s age and how accountable your little one is (which you will know best) you should determine which pet can be best suited to his or her personality.

Through searching on the website you will be able to seek out whatever type of pet outlets that you’re in search of, whether a little pet shop in Malaysia with some of the most common animals on sale, or more specifically a cat pet store in Malaysia if that’s what your child wants or even pet retailers that are known for the unique animals that they’ve on sale.

Every sports team in the world has a mascot. But what are they and what is their purpose? From the dictionary definition of mascot, it is either an animal, person or object likened to a talisman to bring good luck to a team. This behavior emulating the near-idolization of sport mascot designs has been going on for centuries and is very apparent within native cultures of indigenous peoples. The people of Papua New Guinea, do a dance, while decorated with colors and feathers representing a local majestic bird of prey as a sign of bravery and for good luck in the hunt.

In fairness, it is appropriate to ask if the concept of the mascot is just to sell things. With any particular university, your professional sports team could certainly convince you, that was the case. But it may be more precise to consider that the mascot is a way for the diverse community of tens to condense into one cohesive and supportive unit. If you’re a fan of a team called the Bulldogs, it is almost certain you have a shirt jacket, hat or some other emblazoned with bulldog.

Perhaps originally the idea of dressing up or camouflaging oneself to look like a majestic animal was done in the hopes of somehow channeling the ferocious spirit into oneself. And there is certainly something to that regarding sports teams, which is why the majority of physical sports to something fearsome or ferocious as a mascot to inspire the team’s success. Those who have graduated from an institute seem to never leave the mascot behind.

Mascot can be a central part of the history and lore of the school or community. The Saints demonstrated the ability to lift an entire community by representing their city. A football team and the name came to represent the people lifting themselves up after a devastating hurricane. When the Saints actually won the Super Bowl the people in the town of New Orleans, stated in interviews that the sport mascot design was a good omen for the city. In this case, the mascot took on a much larger meaning than the name of a football team.

Mascots may help sell a lot of trinkets but there’s a more serious side to it. They are truly motivational images. The team, school and community actually embrace the mascot is an overarching identity. And a two-college town one can immediately identify the we-they aura in almost any public gathering area. It becomes almost half of all, close to a rivalry game between two teams.

It can be almost amusing to see grown men and women as well as children dressing up in jerseys designed to look just like the players uniforms, and yet no matter how gaudy and out of place they may look, on game day if you’re not wearing one, you are out of style. And even in high school are usually treated to the first taste of fame when strangers wear jerseys with their name on the back, all in the name of sport.

It is possible, however, for a mascot to stir up unanticipated trouble. For many non-natives any reference to Native Americans is meant to honor the bravery, integrity, and honesty the indigenous Americans have come to represent. But during football games when an entire crowd starts making any symbolic tomahawk gesture, it is not always received a positive light.

There have been numerous attempts to eliminate or reduce references to Native Americans as mascots for sporting teams. Inevitably, the icons remain but only after heated discussions which may largely be a healthy approach to keeping respect for one another in the limelight. This is just another example of how the emblems of sports and specifically sport design mascots and bring out emotions and feelings beyond just a sporting team.

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Smart Parts Vibe Paint Ball Gun

The Smart parts vibe paint ball gun offers you a great service and a reasonable price. These guns are very strong, durable and work on low operating pressure making them very safe. This gun gives you a choice of using CO2 and compressed air as a propellant. It is very safe and sound and works on a low operating pressure of 180 psi. Having an extra ordinary performance level these guns have become very popular among amateur players since it is fast and easy to handle. Many players also opt on upgrading there spyder clone line of paintball gun as vibe is more impressive and low cost.

It comes in beautiful designs and has very impressive blades and grip making it quite comfortable and efficient. It has a low force belt which helps in reducing the number of chops thereby making it safer. This paint ball gun has various firing options like fully automatic modes, semi automatic and 3-round burst mode making it quick and a fast tool.

Having an easy and effective shooting performance makes the Smart parts vibe simple and easy for the entry level players to understand and use correctly at the first go. Being very sturdy and durable it does not have high maintenance cost.

Since it has both the option of having CO2 or compressed air propellant it has made it more unique. Now you do not have to worry about the liquid CO2 coming out of the paintball guns as the new technology used has made it very secure. It protects the liquid CO2 from oozing out. Its weight is 1 lb. 11 oz, length is 8.75 in, operating pressure-180 psi, gas source is HPA or CO2, Anti chop system is low force bolt, pivot is stainless steel pinball detent is of dual rubber. It has three firing modes that are fully automatic, semi automatic and 3-round. It has coating of non brittle paint.

The gun weight 1 lb. 11 oz, length is 8.75 in, operating pressure-180 psi, gas source is HPA or CO2, Anti chop system is low force bolt, pivot is stainless steel and the pinball detent is made of dual rubber. The grip is strong, handy and is coated with non brittle paint.

You can also have the option of upgrading your paintball gun. Any parts can be quite easily upgraded. Attaching upgraded circuit boards and barrels as well as adding additional firing modes will increase the rage and speed of the gun making it very fast.

These smart parts vibe are available in some selected stores. But you can even find them through some online sites. Browse through the search engine using the right keyword and you will come across companies and vendors offering a wide variety of paint ball guns. You will even have a choice among different designs, models of these guns at much cheaper prize. Some vendors also offer discounted prices and free doorstep delivery of these guns which will surely help you to save some money and time. Thus instead of running around stores searching for the right one you can easily do online shopping for the paintball gun.

Smart parts vibe gun is more durable, easy to use and fast and hence is becoming very popular choice of many people. Enjoy the game having the best paintball gun with all the latest features.

You love to play paintball and want to target your opponents with wonderful equipments that make you effective and efficient as you play the game. You have smart parts vibe for this purpose. Or you may want to try paintball marker.

Effective Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight has always been a challenge to many people especially women. There are many things you can try to loose some weight. One thing is for sure, losing weight too quickly is unsafe. So do not compromise your safety, do not go after overnight solutions, consider instead the following natural solutions:

1. Confirm your daily caloric intake and determine how many calories you can burn within a day. This is a simple math of course. There must be a balance between what you take and what your body require. Do not over eat in short.

To track down your caloric intake, do an itemized calorie count. Write down the amount of calories in each thing you eat. You can search on the internet for the calorie count of food that does not have amount of calories listed on their containers. You can consult a dietician or a doctor on the other hand to determine the number of calories your body needs every day.

2. Read your list very well and resolve which foods you want to remove. Do not be afraid or stressed out, you don’t have to take out some high calorie containing food which happens to be your treasured food, just reduce your consumption.

But again it is optimal to remove the unhealthy foods you are eating and seek the healthier ones. It is good to pick out lean meats such as chicken and fish. Select vegetable salad over dishes such as macaroni and cheese, French fries, or potato salad. For your breakfast, go for yogurt, oatmeal or fruit smoothies.

3. Create a weekly plan for your meals. This is a good means of securing that you get a balanced diet. You can look up in the internet to get great ideas. The essential things you need to take note on your list is to include more vegetables, more fruits, more high fiber foods, and of course drinking plenty of water.

4. Exercise daily. Whether you like it or not doing exercise is always part of any “Weight Loss Saga”. Spending 30 minutes of your time everyday is already a great start towards shedding some pounds.

5. The last but not the least on my list of tips is to be consistent on your weight loss activities. It will be a little difficult at first, when you get used to it, it will soon be fun especially when you start seeing the results.

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Beat The Blues With Spa Massage

The world we live in is quite demanding. It expects us to juggle a set of things all at the same time. Deadlines are roaring like a banshee. Stress level is at its highest point. Where to go? Indulge in a spa!

A visit to a spa proves to be a blissful time for most people particularly after having satisfying and relaxing spa treatments. First on the listing – a spa massage!

There’s no denying of the benefits of a massage as apparent throughout the course of history. Taking yourself to a spa massage assists you free stress that’s been building up in your system for quite some time already.

As reports would have it, a spa massage, or rather simply a massage, renders advantageous outcomes on patients. For example, it enhances relaxation and shrinks stress through the use of muscles by giving force on the tensed muscles. It tones body muscles and boosts blood circulation.

As spas are required to have licensed and well-trained therapists, going for a spa massage is said to be an advisable option to receive the complete benefits of a massage. By applying the adequate force and targeting the strained areas of the body, the flow of lymph is enhanced, thus improving the body’s ability to defend against diseases.

Spa massages almost always practice the use of essential oils. Essential oils promote the healing of physical, psychological, and aesthetic ailments. Moreover, aromatherapy essential oils restore peace of mind as it stimulates the olfactory senses. In the process, you earn a better and clearer view on things as spa massages boost the release of endorphins – brain chemicals known as natural pain and stress fighters. Moreover, the endorphin secretion gives the patient a feeling of euphoria.

So, go coddle yourself and have a nice spa massage and come out looking more reinvigorated, relaxed, and revived.

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The Hoyt bow is actually the most popular of all bows if you happen to hunt and for people who are competing in archery events. Hoyt is among the best available on the market – fast to use and also incredibly quiet. Unsurprisingly most bow shooting contests have been won by those who make use of Hoyt bows. Try one on your own and you may perhaps understand precisely why.

Hoyt uses what is known as “split limb” technology. Consequently they are quieter – as pointed out, lighter in weight to work with too, and generate almost no vibration. Using a light-weight bow is particularly useful should you hunt – much easier to carry for lengthier distances.

Split limb provides improvement over the solid limb technologies that is prevalent amongst other bow suppliers, due to the fact its stronger. Solid limb usually tend to crack about the v-groove, just where the cam is postioned. Splits also tend to appear just where the limb mounts up to the riser.

It was established in tests that solid limb technology tends to fail at approximately the 25 dry fire mark. Regarding split limb this increases massively to around 1000 dry fires. The weak point of the v-groove is eradicated in the split limb hence its noticeably enhanced durability.

Furthermore Hoyt bows make use of vibration-reduction technology. Their TEC design offers the capacity to reduce low-frequency vibrations and the bows ringing vibration is also reduced by Hoyt’s Riser Shox engineering. Regarding those of us that are unacquainted with precisely how vibration reduction is significant – if shooting continuously then bow vibration has a tendency to lessen the user’s level of comfort.

So what do Hoyt offer when it comes to bow varieties? The compound bow – have a look at the brand new super light and ultra fast 2009 AlphaMax 32, which provides the latest technology for the serious hunter. It weighs merely 3.9lbs. The limb and pocket technologies have each been refurbished as has the cam and riser. One serious bow for the serious hunter!

Hoyt offer you about 20 different compound bows, which includes a junior bow as well. Presently there are two hunting recurve bows and also a further 5 competition recurve bows having a variety of limbs to suit your needs.

I advise if you are serious about your bow and serious about archery – both competition and hunting, have a look at the Hoyt range. There is something readily available all serious bow hunters as well as competitors.

If you are serious about archery competition or hunting then you must consider a hoyt compound bow. There are many hoyt bow for sale on this site at very good prices too!

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