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Bobble Head Dolls Make Great Gifts

Have you ever seen a bobble head before? It is a one of the most popular collectible items and it is characterized mainly as a toy which has a head that bobbles or moves with the slightest tap or movement. So how does it work and what is it made of? This is a kind of toy wherein the head is connected to a spring. This spring is then coupled to the toy’s body. Moreover, the torso of the doll is smaller compared to the size of the head. This creates more emphasis to the wobbling head. This collectible is also known for its other names such as nodder, bobbing head doll or wobbler.

For sure you have seen one in cars and in stores. Bobble head dolls are very popular among sports fans because most sporting events sell or give out these nodders as a souvenir or as a collectible item. These bobble head toys first made its popular appearance during the 1950’s during the release of the Beatles bobble head collection. Since then, these collectible toys have seemed to be crazed by sports and music fans all over the world. However, its popularity has died down for quite some time after the 1980’s. But it slowly became fashionable again when bobble head manufacturers found economical ways to produce it. These makers have already created nodders that were made of inexpensive materials such as plastic so the production of various bobble head dolls became alive once more.

Collectibles and bobble head toy series have been released for promotional and advertising purposes while some are produced for wobbler buffs to add to their collection. Aside from that, these bobble head toys and dolls are great gift ideas for men and for guy friends. Most nodder collectors look for these dolls depicting cartoon and movie characters, popular soccer players and even those in other sporting events. Some popular food chains even have their own bobble head toys of their mascots as a souvenir item for their customers. Aside from that, more and more wobbler manufacturers are into making customized nodders. If you want to have an actual toy figure of your own, you can simply give your photo and voila, in a matter of days you will a bobbing head doll version of yourself.

Most wobbler manufacturers are already accepting customized requests from clients so you can definitely have a nodder doll of your favorite star or your cherished dog. Want to know where to look for the best bobble head manufacturer? There are tons of sites on the internet where you will have a wide variety of choices. Custom bobbing head items may differ from one manufacturer to another so it is best if you do some canvassing first. The price also varies depending on the size, the intricacy, the design and the material to be used. Some plastics are much more durable than others and some are made of high-grade material. But for sure, custom bobble heads make a nice gift or souvenir suited for different occasions and events.

Dark Knight Joker #2 Head Knocker

  • From the Batman Movie “Dark Knight”
  • Joker in Dark Knight
  • High Quality by NECA
  • Highly Collectible
  • Great Gift

Product Description
From NECA’s best selling Head Knockers line comes an all-new version of Heath Ledger’s Joker! Approx. 9″ Tall…. More >>

Dark Knight Joker #2 Head Knocker

Latest Head Knocker Auctions

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  • Officially licensed Team Logo Player Mini Bobble.
  • Measuring approximately 4″ tall !
  • Feature your favorite players likeness and team uniform.
  • Made of durable plastic and packaged in a sealed clamshell !
  • LIL BOBBER comes with the players name printed on the base !

Product Description
Measuring approximately 4″ tall, these “mini” bobble head dolls feature your favorite players likeness and team uniform. Made of durable plastic and packaged in a sealed clamshell, each officially licensed LIL BOBBER comes with the players name printed on the base. A nice gift or addition to any fans collection, these bobbers come in all sports and feature all of the hottest players. All of our items are brand new from the manufacturer, and have never been used. We … More >>

SAMMY SOSA Chicago Cubs 4″ Tall Mini Bobble Head Doll

  • Full color statue with Super Bowl XLIV and MVP logos on base
  • Officially licensed by the NFL
  • Product will only ship if New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl, otherwise order will be canceled

Product Description
Celebrate the Super Bowl XLIV Champions with this MVP Champions Ring Bobble Head…. More >>

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Bobble Head MVP

Latest Head Knocker Auctions

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Custom Bobble Head Dolls

Custom bobble head dolls are exclusive personalized handmade dolls which are sculpted according to your likeness. These dolls can be crafted in order to meet specific requirements. Today’s Custom bobble head dolls are normally made out of poly resins which can be moulded as required. These exclusive Custom Bobble Head Dolls were once souvenirs in early sixties and seventies. Now they are back. There are many manufacturers who make these tailor made dolls for different occasions. Even you can order one by sending your personal photograph. Even you can get the dolls with expressions in it. It has become so popular nowadays that there are many collectors of these kinds of dolls. There were several articles run on the popularity of these dolls. These Custom bobble head dolls are used as a giveaway or gifts for different occasions. They make a perfect gift for all reasons and occasions which will last for a life time. This is also known as one of the 10 invincible gifts in the world.

These Custom bobble head dolls will not be a replica of yours but it will be your 3D caricature.  It’s very simple to place an order to get these custom bobble head dolls. All you need to do is send or upload the regular clear picture of yours in the manufacturer’s website in order to get these hand sculpted dolls. There are many companies who make this custom bobble head dolls who offer competitive prices.  The complete process of design and hand crafting will take place from 3 – 4 weeks from the date of order. This also has different price tags based on the size and designs.  This custom bobble head dolls can be delivered anywhere in the world.  Custom bobble head dolls can also be used as cake toppers for different occasions like wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries and so on.

These custom bobble head dolls will be a unique and exclusive gift which can be given to your loved ones on different occasions. Nowadays it has also become a corporate gift given to the employees and the retired ones as this will last forever and will be memorable. In corporate they use these Custom Bobble Head dolls to promote and market their products.    You can also add customized funny or catchy messages on the dolls.  Adding these messages will make the Custom Bobble Head Dolls look unique and very personal.  Unlike other gifts this is a latest Christmas gift idea also.  Custom bobble head doll gifts will look very outstanding than others.

There are different categories in Custom Bobble head dolls. Some of them are Men, Women, Wedding Couple, Kids, Corporate, Celebrities, Christmas, Valentines, Sports, Animals, Entertainment.

When you are ordering for Custom head bobble head dolls ensure that the company is reputable and is there in the market for a long time. There are several companies who will offer different attractive prices on this Custom bobble head dolls. However, you have to choose the best of Breed Company though the prices may vary.

Bobble Head Dolls

Bobble head dolls are also known as the nodding dolls or wobblers where the body is connected to the head through the spring instead of solid connection. These are also collectible dolls which are very popular. There are a huge galore of collections of bobble head dolls. This includes Sports personalities, Politicians, Celebrities, Famous musicians (Beatles and Elvis Presley) and other eminent figures.  Earlier these bobble head dolls were made by ceramic and now the custom is changed. They dolls are made up of PVC or Poly Resin which is can be produced in huge numbers. Poly resin materials are used so that the dolls can be molded accordingly.  The head bobbles when it is tapped lightly. That’s the reason why it is also called as bobbing head dolls. These Bobble head dolls are so loved by people that some collectors have wide range of collections of these bobble head dolls.

Bobble head dolls can also be used as a unique gift or giveaways for various seasons and occasions. The price will vary from sports bobble head dolls to unique rare bobble head dolls or antique ones. China is the largest manufacturer of these bobble head dolls nowadays. There are many factories who offer custom made bobble head dolls to the exact specifications given by their patrons or customers. Only thing is you have to approach the right companies who manufacture exclusive custom bobble head dolls. Place an order according to your imagination and send or upload the photograph in their respective websites. These custom bobble head dolls are unique and give a different meaning to your gifts.  These Bobble head dolls are not expensive but it is affordable as the range starts from few dollars. Anyone could have the collections of bobble head dolls.

It is also said that these bobble head dolls are used by the corporate as their promotional and marketing tool. They are using these dolls to promote their new brands nowadays.  This is a new sales and marketing sales technique most of the companies started using. Corporate use these dolls as a giveaways to their employees and the retired employees as a token of appreciation for their service. This unique gift stands out amongst all the gifts and lasts forever.  Even the bobble head dolls are given to the customers/clients or the vendors to keep the bonding and getting recognized.

Earlier these bobble head dolls were made only for one specific group like sports team. Now the trend has been changed and everybody have their own bobbing doll.  These bobble head dolls are also used for different occasions & festivals like marriage, anniversary, Valentines Day and Christmas. It is also used as the cake toppers. This is something unique everybody does for their marriages and anniversaries. The wedding couples bobble head dolls will be fixed on the top of the doll as a center of attraction.

There are many companies who manufacture these kinds of bobble head dolls. Always go for reputable companies in order to get the best and product.

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