Benefits of Using a Treadclimber

When you want to get into better shape and begin or continue a health and fitness plan, there are many different machines, pieces of equipment and so forth to consider. One popular option is the treadclimber, which provides much of the same benefits as a treadmill, but actually improves upon the concept in several key ways.

Of course when you’re talking about fitness equipment one of the key concerns has to be the quality of the workout that is provided. Well, a treadclimber provides a very efficient and effective workout that can whip you into shape at no time at all. Many people find the workout is at least as strenuous as running on a treadmill in terms of the difficulty provided.

In fact, treadclimbers are rated as providing at least as good of a workout as a traditional treadmill, if not better. You will have plenty of options at your disposal in terms of the level of difficulty and intensity of the workout, including speed, resistance, goal setting and more. So no matter what you want to achieve or who you are, you can get the kind of workout you need.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like a treadmill then you’re right. But a key difference is the two separate treads as opposed to the one large tread, and the fact that these treads move up to meet your steps. This is a huge benefit for you because it will massively decrease the pounding that your body takes from running.

Therefore you can prevent a great deal of injury and pain, enabling you to workout more often, to workout longer and to stick with your plan without any setbacks or hassles. This provides an experience that has the benefits of the treadmill’s workout effectiveness without the drawbacks of chronic pain and nagging injuries. With that you’ll have no excuses for skipping a workout or avoiding your routine, because it will be pain free and even fun.

Another benefit to the treadclimber is that it’s very small and compact, much smaller than a standard treadmill. This will make it much more convenient to have around the home and you won’t have to worry at all about space or size considerations. You’ll really be able to put it anywhere in your home without any problems, which is a great advantage.

In the world of treadclimbers there are many different options to consider. Many people trust the great brand and the reputation of the Bowflex Treadclimber. These provide a great workout with a wide range of options and customizable features, and they provide all of the other benefits mentioned above as well, making them well worth the money.

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Fitness in your 40s and beyond is not impossible. What you are really fighting is a slowing metabolism. As we age our metabolism begins to slow down. This is especially true for women where their metabolic rate tends to start declining in their 30s. Focus in on 3 main areas to get fit when your over 40. The trilogy of fitness is diet, no surprise there! Exercise–I don’t know why that never goes away, but wait there is hope with massage chair therapy.

When the metabolic rate begins to drop, you will feel like you have less energy. Women can struggle with this in particular. However, it does not need to remain the same. You have to motivate and then your have to work, and not lollygag around. The main problem is simply giving up, like a new years resolution. Women face more pressure then men to maintain a nice figure.

You know if you are fit at 40, that it took determination. It took discipline. You may have watched what you ate to prolong the mid life tire. Diet is the first area to help you not eat the wrong foods. Consistency and balance in your diet is important. Stick to natural foods and avoid processed foods.

Fitness over 40 is achieved by eating several small meals a day that consistent of fruits and vegetables and protein. Protein should come in the form of nuts, lean meats, fish, and so on. You should stay away from saturated fats if at all possible.

How about going for a walk? Walk around the block for 30 minutes. Take the dog and the kids. It can be a good time and healthy for everyone. Try to do this type of light exercise 4 to 5 times per week.

Exercise, exercise, exercise, and exercise. At least 4 times a week. You can do light exercises like going for a walk. Walking can raise your heart rate and help increase your lung capacity. You breathe better after periodic exercise.

Massage therapy is the missing link between diet and exercise. The muscles get worked out but then need to undergo a healing process as they rebuild. Massage therapy helps to keep the muscles resilient while reducing excess toxin build ups. With exercise comes a burning of energy and that waste needs to get flushed out.

It is interesting that people think of massage as just being pampered. Of course, there is that side of it, but at the heart it recuperation. Your body needs to go through a healing process. Healing is rebuilding. Massage chair therapy provides a practical way to receive consistent treatments.

Massage chairs have a variety of treatments in addition to massage therapy. You can find heating elements, stretching systems and even music players. You can apply heat to specific areas of your body to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. Increase your range of motion with a lower body stretch. Or run these in combination as you relax to soothing music.

Fitness over 40 does not have to be all bad. Just get the right tools and enjoy this part of your life to the fullest. Get your diet right and balance your nutrition. You dont have to give up all your favorite foods, just eat them sporadically. Exercise your body and get it in shape. Bring your fitness full circle with a massage chair to get your muscle soothed and relaxed for your next work out.

A lot of the secret to fitness over 40 is common sense. Eat a balanced diet without huge meals. Eat less, but eat more often. Exercise with light aerobics 4 to 5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Let your body recover with your own massage chair. Perfect for warming up and warming down for exercise is the convenience of a massage chair. Get your life in balance and increase your metabolism to have the vitality you want over 40.

Maintain yourself in the best shape even if you are over 40 with a Massage Chair. Help speed up your recovery from exercise both mentally and physically with daily use of massage therapy. Check out our full range of Massage Chairs from the the best manufacturers including Omega, Sanyo and Panasonic. See why these companies are the best.

How I Rid Myself of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be extremely annoying, especially if it persists at night. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get comfortable in your own bed, tossing and turning throughout the evening, stretching your arm out, contorting yourself into crazy positions to try and find something that might bring some pain relief…

Eventually you’ll probably fall asleep despite the pain in your shoulder. I know firsthand what this experience is like. At least that’s what happened to me when I suffered from shoulder pain. I hurt my shoulder in the gym, but I did get over it. What I’m about to share with you applies to anyone with shoulder pain who’s struggling to get a full and restful night’s sleep.

Here are some pointers for helping you sleep better, even if your shoulder is killing you.

1. Do a few stretches before bed. Lean over from the waist and swing your hand in little circles. Do it one way, then the other. After that, stretch your arm up, down and from side to side. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds or so, and stretch only so you feel a gently pull – not so much that it hurts!

2. Ice your shoulder before bed, after the stretches. Wrap ice in a small towel or t-shirt, and massage it over the painful area for 15 minutes. Don’t apply ice directly to the skin or you could get freeze burns. Ice helps to calm swelling and numb pain, to help you get to sleep quickly before the irritating sting of the shoulder pain sets in and keeps you awake.

Shoulder pain can be completely defeated in the long term too, through a combination of these techniques and a few simple strengthening exercises to stimulate the healing process and target the source of your shoulder pain and eventually, eliminating it completely. I spent several weeks doing exactly that, and my shoulder healed perfectly.

Most people will go to their healthcare provider who will suggest that they rest for several weeks and take an anti-inflammatory drug. They may also send you to a physical therapist at $100 per hour for treatment. This is all good BUT you can learn these therapy techniques yourself and do them in the comfort of your home.

See what I discovered about beating shoulder pain and learn about treating this pain with the special stretches and exercises. They really do work!

With over thirty years of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, let Bruce Lipsky, MS show you how to finally beat shoulder pain

Tips On Using Electric Scooters

Electrical scooters are straightforward to use and maneuver, but any machine, when not correctly operated can result in injury. So, even if you somehow underestimate the possibilities of an electrical scooter to cause accidents, it’s still very much possible particularly if you don’t know how to ride it.

These are some safety tips you need to consider when buying and operating electrical scooters.

- purchase a scooter that is’s right for your size. If you’re too large for the unit, the probabilities of its toppling over forward or backward is massive. On the contrary, if you are too small, you could have a lot trouble making it go your way.

- take care with the installation process. There are some electrical scooters where you will still need to do some preliminary work for it to be perfectly functional. If you doubt your capability to follow instructions, have it done at the store where you purchased it before you bring it. If it’s a pride issue, regard it this way : suppose you forced yourself to install those parts yourself and they fell apart, who’s to blame?

- Buy an electrical scooter that fits your lifestyle. If you are the type who likes to go camping, don’t buy a scooter that’s's too light or feeble to use on slightly rough roads. A four-wheel electric scooter is perfect for this sort of activity. A two wheeler could prove too light for comfort.

- confirm all the features are working before you head out. Don’t be too confident that having a broken headlight is okay. You never can say, you might get stuck somewhere and be left riding in the dark.

Overall, the point of proper electrical scooter use is maximizing functionality. IF you have no need for a four wheeler, don’t get it. It will only occupy space in your garage. Buy only what you need to spare yourself from the effort of having to lug the thing around when one of its parts conks out.

As well as that is safety. No electrical scooter is a good scooter if you don’t understand how to use it well. Rather than getting convenience, you may only subject yourself to injury.

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Roller Derby Comes Back From The Dead

Roller Derby was a staple of the early television era and was similar in its promotional format to its better known “sports entertainment” cousin, professional wrestling. It was frequently seen in the same bad timeslots on the same low powered UHF TV stations, and it was run by the same loose confederation of Runyanesque promoters and businessmen that characterized the regional territory era of pro wrestling. Unfortunately, roller derby didn’t catch on the way professional wrestling did. There was obviously a serious athletic component to it, but the “angles” and storylines surrounding roller derby made pro wrestling seem like Ibsen by comparison. The sport does have its own history–most know that the LA T-Birds were the perennial champions of’70′s, and Ann Calvello and Ralphie Valladares had been in the sport forever and were considered legends–but it never really stuck in the public consciousness like the pre-Hulk Hogan era of pro wrestling.

When the original purveyors of the sport quit promoting in the early’80s most thought it was dead and gone until a ‘new school’ of roller derby surfaced on cable TV via the A&E reality series Roller Girls. It featured a local, all-girl roller derby league in Austin, Texas and followed the lives of the players on and off the track. A sport that had faded into the lowest level of obscurity had been rediscovered and embraced by an eclectic group of young women. They had kept the same essential format, thrown in a healthy dose of burlesque camp and Varga pin-up inspired glamour and changed the competitive format and renamed the competitions “bouts” a la MMA or boxing. The result was a compelling mixture of glamour, toughness and athleticism driven by a healthy dose of punk rock “do it yourself” mentality.

Today, the same sort of league featured on “Rollergirls” had become a full blown cultural phenomenon. There are now literally hundreds of local “roller girl” leagues in the US, many under the auspices of a national organization called the Womens Flat Track Derby Association. Las Vegas has the ‘Sin City Roller Girls’, Portland, Oregon the ‘Rose City Rollers” and Seattle the ‘Rat City Rollers’. There are now groups in not only the larger and traditionally “hipper” cities but also smaller flyover country environs such as Birmingham, Alabama and Omaha, Nebraska and all over Canada, Europe and Australia. Most of the local groups similarly play up the campy retro pin-up/hot rod iconography and everyone involved sure looks like they’re having a good time. Between teams there’s a vibe of good natured competitiveness and camaraderie.

This organic rebirth and growth of roller derby is a result of young women taking what essentially was TV time filler and made it into their own distaff ‘action sport’. The roller derby circa 2009 is a matriarchal success story. No one is in it for the money, as these local groups are typically run as non-profit organization. The women involved have recreated this sport, and run it, promote it and compete in it on their own terms.

The new generation rollergirls also pay homage to their sports’ pioneers much in the same way that skateboarders give props to Duane Peters and Tony Alva and surfers evoke the names of Duke Kahanamoku and Greg Noll. Many of the individual group websites have sections devoted to the history of roller derby, and the late Ann Calvello–regarded as the Queen of the original Roller Derby–is revered as something of a patron saint.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and noted authority on sports betting odds comparison. He writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

Aerobics, developed by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in the early seventies, had become considered one of today’s most carried out exercises. Aerobics (actually “with oxygen”) is mainly a form of exercise to improve one’s total fitness in muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Certainly one of today’s more standard forms of aerobics workouts known as step aerobics, launched at the beginning of the 90s. The brand new kind is an innovation of the outdated aerobics routine, this time having a step (a raised contraption, 6 to 8 inches high) where the aerobics performer will step on or off from time to time.

The stepping rates (it usually starts at 120 per minute) and the peak of the steps (6 to 8 inches) are adjusted in accordance with the exerciser’s needs and experience. These simple step-up, step-down aerobics are as helpful as those of more intense movements, but much less damaging to the joints.

Primary moves

The basic step entails stepping one foot first after which the other on top of the step, and stepping down on the ground utilizing the same sequence of foot movements. There’s a basic settlement amongst aerobic fanatics that the “right basic” is stepping right foot up, then the left, and then stepping right down to the ground with the right then the left foot.

For variations, instructors change different moves throughout the sequence, like changing the “right fundamental” to the “left basic” without in-between moves. Often, this is finished by the use of “tapping” the foot instead of shifting weights.

One other form of step is known as “tap-free” or smooth step. That is executed with the feet at all times alternating and without the confusing “taps”. The “taps” can generally make learning difficult for new aerobics students.

The instructor usually plans beforehand when to insert a switching move that maintains the pure rhythm of moves to simulate the natural shifting of weights on each legs like in walking.

From the precise fundamentals, the instructor would possibly insert a “knee up” (lifting a knee and through the return, switches the move to the other foot) and continue with the left basics.


Often, a set prepared by the trainer consists of many different moves with completely different durations. That is executed together by the whole class and often timed to 32 beats per set. That is done in such a approach that the entire set can be switched and repeated in the other leg, mirror-like.

Basic level courses have simpler primary moves. Superior lessons generally incorporate dance components like turns and stomps and whatever is in vogue.

Elements are strung collectively in two to three routines per class. One learns these routines in class, which will probably be carried out at the end of the class. Most instructors provide a number of selections for every individual’s level of intensity or dance capacity during the teaching of the routines.


Step aerobics helps burn calories and keep weight. The amount of calories which are burned depend upon the intensity, velocity and the duration of the aerobic exercises.

Step aerobics helps in endurance, prevents cardiovascular ailments, and improves gait and balance. It additionally offers flexibility training to enhance joints movements.

Finally, step aerobics helps keep good psychological health as a result of the workouts are fun and fulfilling, and sessions actually release stress. With a group session, a person’s social life is enhanced as well.

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When a person does chin ups at a gym, they often use a chin up bar that is secured to a frame attached to the floor of the gym. These bar is usually very thick and heavy and allows a person of any weight to hang from the bar with no problem. However, for an individual who does not have time to go to a gym, getting the benefits of chin ups can be easily achieved using one of two types of bars made for personal use.

When you want to start an exercise routine in your home and have limited space for exercise equipment, a bar can often meet the needs for creating the kind of resistance exercises you need to strengthen you upper body. The chin up bars that are most commonly used in a home with limited space fit into doorways. These bars are made to be easily accessible, but out of the way.

When selecting the bar you may want to have one attached permanently to a doorway in your home. Or, you may wish to employ the use of a portable bar that can be easily included in luggage. For individuals who do a lot of traveling, the small bar that can untwist and be used in any type of doorway at a hotel or other location, makes them very valuable.

Installing a bar permanently in your home is very easy. You will find that there are heavy duty brackets that attach to the inside of the door with bolts or screws. The bar fits into the brackets and is secured for the exercises that you want to do. When installing the bar you will want to be sure that there is open space on each side of the door. As you become stronger and more toned from exercising, you may want to incorporate crunches and twists to start working out your lower body using the bar.

A heavy duty steel is used for most permanent bars. There is a padded foam encasement for the bars that keep them from getting slippery during exercise. When installed the permanent bar will provide exercise to a person up to three hundred pounds. The heavy duty brackets that hold the bar are installed using bolts or screws. Once in place, these brackets keep the bar secure and allow you to exercise with confidence.

By starting an intense five minute exercise program each day, you will begin to see the positive results of exercising very quickly. A person will be able to sculpt their abs and upper body following a regular routine that does not disrupt their daily schedule. In addition you will increase stamina and core strength while exercising that will benefit you as you pursue other forms of exercise.

Many people who get used to doing a chin up routine find that having a permanent bar at home and a portable bar when they are traveling allows them to continue their exercise regimen each day. An intense routine that will product faster results requires only about five to ten minutes of exercise each day. You will find that this type of exercise can produce significant results without requiring extra efforts and exercise on your part.

A chin up bar is a very easy way to incorporate an effective exercise program into a busy lifestyle. A person can take five minutes a day to exercise and see positive results within a short time. When comparing bars, you will want to check manufacturers recommendations for installation and care of the bar and the weight limits that may accompany it.

Launching a formal exercise regimen is easy when you get a chin up bar! Having a cheap pull up bar that you can use in the convenience of your home will help make a formal fitness program a habit in no time!

How Your TV Will Help You Fall Asleep

Did you ever fall asleep in front of the TV only to become wide-awake as soon as you go to bed? Many people feel that it is a necessary requirement for them to watch TV in order for them to drift off yet others will insist that TV only has the reverse effect.

But who is right? Well, no one is right actually as everyone is different but there are some things which will affect a person\’s views on this.

Let\’s take a look at the best way to use the TV as a means of falling asleep. This could easily help you out at night if gone about the right way.

There are three major mistakes that people make when they try to fall asleep with a television turned on. Let\’s take a look at each, along with the corresponding solutions.

A few will always forget to put the sleep timer on. It is a silly idea not to turn this on; as it will mean that, you have to get up to switch the TV off later on, which will defeat the object entirely.

If you aren\’t used to using the TV as a method of getting off to sleep then your body will not be used to it at first. The sleep timer will allow your body to feel relaxed after it has gone off to sleep and setting it for enough time won\’t accidentally wake you up if it goes off just as your going off which would disturb you.

Then there is the trouble with volume, if it\’s on very loud then you obviously wont sleep because you are disturbed by the noise but equally as troubling is if you have the sound down too low that you end up concentrating too hard on trying to hear it or forgetting that the TV is on altogether which is pointless.

Lastly, make sure that you tune in to the right kind of programming. You want it to be something you\’re interested in, but it shouldn\’t be too interesting.

If the program ends up being something you really enjoy or are finding particularly interesting then you will have a hard time of drifting off, as it is likely to keep grabbing your attention. You should ideally watch something, which is not too good but just about reasonable viewing.

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So — you can spend hundreds of dollars a month on a gym membership plus personal trainer, or you can download a range of great workout videos from a trusted source for next to nothing. Still trying to decide? Here are 5 reasons to go with the videos.

#5: Anywhere, Anytime.

Instead of being locked into the gym itself, you\’re free to go workout anywhere you want with a video. So not only can you do it in your own house, but it\’s technologically feasible to take your workout videos on your iPod, head to the park, and do them there. Whatever you want.

#4: Trainers Are Busy People.

If you need to figure out how to do a certain move, you\’ve got to ask the trainer. Now, there\’s no great substitute for one-on-one interaction — we\’ll gladly admit that — but trainers are often busy, overloaded, and bombarded with questions all day. A good video can often tell you just as much, if not more.

#3: You Can Rewind 50 Times, If You Want.

No qualms about rewinding workout videos over and over until you get the exact move down pat. Some qualms, however, about asking a personal trainer — over and over — exactly how to do your favorite move.

#2: Few Gyms, Hundreds of Videos.

If you aren\’t happy with your gym, you can choose another one, but unless you live in a major city, you often won\’t have so much choice around you. Whereas when it comes to some good videos, you\’re free to choose from thousands of great options.

#1: Easy on the Eyes.

Plenty of personal trainers are lookers, too — don\’t get me wrong. But most of the men and women who appear in workout videos must be doing something right, and it certainly doesn\’t hurt to have a gorgeous person exercising right there in front of you for motivation.

Ready to jump in? With hundreds of workout routine videos and exercise plans available online, you can get you into shape faster than you can throw away your gym membership. Look online for some nutrition information too, it will help you to speed up the results from the body workout.

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