Building A Sunroom – A Good Decision To Make

No one likes to feel cramped in his or her own home, but what do you do if you need more space and buying a new home isn’t an option? Lucky for you, you do have alternatives.

Why not consider building an addition to your home? One of the lesser expensive routes is to construct a sunroom. Sunrooms are a good investment because they often can be enjoyed throughout the year and can add to the value of your home.

One common addition is the sunroom. It is popular with homeowners because it provides additional space and can be designed to integrate with your home’s exterior.

You’ll be amazed at how adding a sunroom can change your life. Depending on your needs, it can be used as an additional kitchen, dining room or lounge area. It may be hard to get you to come inside the main house once you’ve spent time in your new sunroom.

Sunrooms are great because they bring the outside in. They allow you to read a book or drink a glass of wine and enjoy the view of your lovely garden. Sunrooms are often usable all year round.

A sunroom is a great place for relaxation because you can sit there and enjoy the view of your garden. It’s the perfect place to settle in with a book and a glass of wine after a stressful week.

You may be unaware of it, but a sunroom can add as much as 15% to the sale price of your home. That can really add up! A well-crafted and decorated sunroom can even be a deciding factor when people are deciding whether to make an offer on house.

If you haven’t considered putting on a sunroom, you really should. They provide more living space and add value to your home that can really make a difference if you ever decide to sell.

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Some Guidelines Before Signing A Novel Contract

As you are signing a contract for your novel, don’t be surprised when you come across a clause giving the publisher some rights to make a movie out of the novel.

In most cases, your publisher will benefit most if your novel is highly demanded by any television or cinema. As the sales increase, he will utilize this opportunity to make some money. To prevent all this, don’t opt for any agreement that allows the publisher to have a portion in any deal made with the television.

However, if you have a feeling that your novel won’t attract so much attention from Hollywood, then you can sign a contract with your publisher in which they can also have some rights to enjoy the fruits of the novel in case it hits the centre stage of the movie industry.

This means that the publisher has to keep you updated on what is going on by sending two royalty statements on your desk every year. This has to happen every after six months of the disclosing period from which you have to receive the statements 90 days after.

This statement summarizes the number of sales the novel has accumulated plus the number of novels that are still on sale. The publisher might be prompted to keep with some part of the royalty if some copies were not bought from which he has to come up with the payment.

The money you are supposed to get as advance will be used on the impending royalties of the two periods hence you won’t be able to get any payment in that period of time. The money will start coming in when the royalties are more than the advance you were supposed to get.

You will get the best results if you sign a contract which enables you to receive two royalty statements per annum.

You shouldn’t sign a contract that gives you royalty only when the novel has sold more than its advance because you won’t benefit at all.

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What To Consider When You Rent An Apartment

Renting a house or apartment in New York is very interesting but anyone planning to do so has to get some information from those that have been there before. There are always thing to consider in the process of real estate renting.

People always have budgets that take them through different seasons of the year and they have to consider this before trying to get an apartment. The landlord or apartment owners make it a point to check ones income and debt and anyone who has excessive expenses is usually turned down.

It is very important to make a search in the place to be sure of good conditions and service that will be provided for you. This helps one know whether all they need is well place for example TV cables and telephone jacks to connect your things to.

Some buildings have laundry rooms for everyone so in case you don’t find washers and dryers a=in your apartment, you have another option. There are buildings that add extra facilities like a gym and swimming pool for the people.

It’s always advisable that if you are shifting to a new place, you know about your neighbourhood. Being a noble tenant doesn’t imply that everyone else is so you have to study the environment. This helps you know how you will interact with the other different tenants and also help you protect your family from different situations.

A lease agreement is usually signed by the two parties and the moment this happens, it’s clear that you have agreed to the terms of the contract and you can’t change them easily. There is no going back on something if it is included on that initial document that you should look at.

The proximity of your apartment however pleasant it may be to your areas of interest is very important and should always be considered. You have to know how long it would take you to get to work or school or even when you need to go visit a friend or relative.

Some things are overlooked by individuals and it’s until they are in trouble that they realise their importance. Issues like medical facilities and shopping malls are key because when it gets to access of these services, someone’s life can be made easier.

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How To Save Money On House Repairs

Many people often spend a lot of money on repairing their homes. But now it is time to look for some better ways in which the repair problems can be fixed before spending money.

If only people take a little time for considering the problem a little more closely it may dawn on them that the work can be done easily and saving a lot of money.

By reading some “How to” books many of the problems can be fixed by yourself because the problems might not be that big as you may think them to be. So evaluation of the problems should be done before someone is called to fix them.

The proper evaluation will always be helpful irrespective of whether you can afford to spend money for using outside help or not.

People think that worn down parts of their homes should always be replaced. But other solutions can be there and you should always try to spend on repairing or replacing when it is necessary.

AS an example we can say that the kitchen wall in your home might need a replacement and the reason for this is that the wall might show the rot to be visible on it. But you may find that this wall can still remain for at least a year more.

Patience is required. It is advisable that you wait for at least a year or so, thinking about the problem and how o address in the most economical manner and without disturbing the household. You get ample time to locate a suitable hand who can do the work quite well without asking for too much money.

You can consult some neighbor or friend and will find ways to accomplish the task in an economical way. You might also be lucky enough to find that the neighbor knows to fix the problem and may do it for you as anything unexpected can happen. So just be patient and let things happen.

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10 Outdoor Clothes You Must Have

Some people love outdoor activities like shooting and fishing regardless of the weather condition. All they need to do is have the most essential clothing items needed and their off to enjoy their outdoor trip. Here are the list of clothing items and accessories each person should have.

Jackets. Outdoors can be freezing cold so you need an insulated, breathable and waterproof jacket to keep you warm at all times.

Trousers. Being out on cold winter nights can be very tough so you need to have trousers that are impermeable and warm. You also need to have light ones that you can wear all year round.

Vest – This is important when you are outdoors and the weather is warm. Worn casually while shooting and fishing, it comes with several pockets where you can put some of the stuffs you need.

Fleece – This is worn on top of your clothes as it protects you from cold weather. During cold season, you need to wear one that is durable and of high quality.

Headwear. Hats are useful both for cold or warm weather. People who go shooting would like to wear flat cap.

Scarves – These are nice addition in keeping you warm during cold weather. Some likes to adorn themselves with scarves to put emphasis on their wardrobe.

Socks – Never forget to bring socks as they keep your feet from getting cold. You will never enjoy outdoor activities without a thick pair of socks.

Gloves. Gloves are important because they protect your hands and keep them ready for action especially when you are out shooting. It is an important addition to your outdoor clothing and gears.

Thermals – it comes with tops and bottoms and worn underneath your clothes. This extra clothing adds warmth during cold weather.

Footwear. You can’t go wrong with boots! Whether you choose the wellington or knee-high type, it is important that you get quality boots that are durable and weather proof.

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Times are tough these days and many people don’t have the extra cash for entertainment that they used to. The good news is that you can still have fun if you stay in and have enough room to entertain.

This can be hard if you live in a small home. It’s not that fun to squeeze into a tiny living room and not spill your cocktail. It makes for a less enjoyable evening for your friends and family.

If this is your situation, one option you have is to add a sunroom to your home. It can make your home party-ready at a moment’s notice. Just think how nice it will be for all of your family members to have room to stretch out when they visit during the holidays. It probably will cut down on the family squabbles.

Of course, once you get your sunroom built you’ll want to decorate festively. Be sure to find the right lighting so you can show it off.

Don’t be deterred from getting a sunroom by the price. There are all kinds of sunrooms and you don’t have to get the most expensive one available. You can justify the expensive because many sunrooms can be used year round. If you live in a cooler area you can just add a heating system and feel cozy even in the dead of winter.

Many sunrooms have windows that are designed to keep out excess heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter. This is good news for homeowners since it can keeps energy bills low and who couldn’t use a break on their utilities?

Should you want to add some bells and whistles, you could add UPVC front doors to your sunroom and replacement windows. They will add to the appearance of your sunroom and you will want to use it more often.

I mean who wants to worry about repainting and maintenance when you could be sipping a mohito on a lounge chair in your new sunroom?

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Tips On How To Make Your Blog Popular

Do you write a blog? If you do you know that that one of the toughest parts of doing it is maintaining a steady flow of target-specific traffic to your blog.

Everyone who blogs wants a large and specific readership and there are many steps you can take to attract the attention you’re seeking. Why get into blogging if you can use it to make money? By targeting the right audience and increasing the amount of visitors you can see your online business thrive. Read on for more information about improving blog traffic.

One of the most important things you can do is be consistent. Create a plan for your blog postings and stick to it. This will make it more manageable and less likely to procrastinate in doing it. Many people think of a blog as an online magazine so you can think of your plan as an editorial calendar.

Now imagine how disappointed your loyal readers will feel if they keep finding the same old information when they log on. They will quickly turn on you and find another blog to read. Don’t underestimate the importance of consistency.

You can also jumpstart your blog traffic if you are smart about how you choose the titles of your blog posts. Do your homework. Go online and do some keyword research. This will tell you what people are typing in to find what you are offering on your blog.

When you craft your title to include some keywords you will improve your chances of getting a high volume of search engine traffic that is highly targeted.

You can also attract visitors to your blog by making it interactive. When you engage your reader you make them more likely to read on and visit your blog to find out more.

If people are visiting your blog it’s because they like hearing about it and discussing your chosen topic. If you ask your readers questions and open up the conversation you are more likely to boost your readership and increase the number of visitors to your site.

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Planning Ahead For A Fine Tour

We love to experience new things in life. And as we go, we learn a thing or two. The same goes with travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures. The more often you do this, the more you open yourself to a world of wonders. And in order for you to survive the world by yourself, here are some of the things you can do.

Information is the best key to surviving a foreign country all over the world. If you have no idea where you go, you are in for a tough time. It is much better that you research some background information on the country you are going so at least you get to have an idea where you should go if ever you get lost.

You can also look for people who have travelled to that place and ask them for some tips. Inquire about where is the best place to live and which places would they suggest you go to.

Never allow yourself to go on a vacation without reading the general rules and regulations of the country you are setting foot on. You may not know it but what you think is legal may not be on their country.

Never forget to bring medicine just in case you get sick while travelling but do not wish to hit up a hotel since it is not that serious. You might be far away from the hospital so having a bag of medicine with you can help prevent you from falling ill. This can also save you a lot of time, money and hassle since you will not know where to go to get help.

And just for emergency, always have cash on your pocket. You can later exchange your dollars to the local currency if you need to buy something like souvenirs and food. You should also bring your credit card with you and make sure that it can do international transactions.

Socialize with the people. Do not imprison yourself inside your room. Go out and enjoy the people. Most of locals are friendly enough to give you the tour for a minimum price and some do it for free.

One item you should never leave inside your home is the camera. You can forget everything but never the camera. Your vacation won’t be worthwhile if you do not have any cameras to take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

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The Benefits Of Blog Marketing

The internet has a lot of power to help businesses to reach their target audience but that’s only if they know how to do it. Blog marketing, for example is a wonderful online tool, but it may seem intimidating to those unfamiliar with using the internet.

If you’re unfamiliar with blog marketing, let me tell you that it has one of the highest returns on investment of any other online activity. Let’s discuss how blog marketing can help you dominate search engines and make you money.

The way blog marketing works is that it drives traffic to your web site by elevating your web site to the top of search engine rankings. This is done by writing a blog and using it to link to your web site and its individual pages strategically.

This works because blogs have such high readership and are ranked very high by search engines. You can use this to your advantage. When you link your web site to a blog you will rise in the search engine rankings, as well.

Knowing what to link and how to do it takes some research and education. It’s a good idea to use Google’s free AdWords to do keyword research on a specific subject. This will give you an idea as to which words people are typing into their search engines to find your business.

Next, read over your blog and link any relevant post or page to your web site. Do it by using a word or phrase from your blog. Be sure to incorporate the words keywords identified by AdWords and incorporate them into your blog and link them to your web site.

Blogs have a lot of potential to help business owners succeed. Be sure to get on board with this exciting marketing opportunity.

You see that it’s worthwhile to harness the power of blogs to make your web site popular. It’s an expensive and effective way to get noticed online.

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If you are looking for a place to go on your vacation, Italy should be considered due to the fact that this country has all the necessary requirements that will make your vacation a wonderful experience.

Before you can start planning to go to Italy on a vacation, you have to put in mind that this lovely country is so expensive to the extent that it can drain your bank account. However, there is no need to worry because in this article, I would like to list down the means which can help you go on vacation in Italy at a cheap price.

The best time to go on vacation is between February to May. This is because during this season, the accommodation costs are always low unlike in the peak season.

In this time of the year, the number of tourists in Italy is little hence the prices for accommodation services are very cheap. It is believed that they are 40% much lower compared to the peak season when the tourists are many.

It’s good if you book in advance. The hotels will charge you less if you pay off your accommodation fee before you go for the vacation.

You can opt for hotels which are not in the urban centers of Italy because they will be a little cheaper. Hotels found in cities like Naples, Catania will charge you a lot of money because they have the best accommodation in the whole country.

When you are still thinking of the best place to stay, put in mind the cost of transport. It will be good if you decide to settle in an area which has all the tourist attraction sites that you would love to visit which will help you not to spend aimlessly on gas.

Restaurants will drain most of your money hence it would be wise if you prepared your own food.

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Belonging to insurance brokers association provides many benefits. But do these outweigh the time and cost of belonging to this organization? Because we are dealing with a business decision we must make our arguments for, or against, based on the business benefits it does, or does not provide. This short article will look into some of the benefits of belonging to this august organization, focusing especially on the education and training available to members.

We will divide this article in two main sections. Our first section will focus on the education programs available, while our second will highlight the improved service an association member can offer. We hope this article can help you make a decision that will benefit you and your professional advancement in the insurance industry.

One of the satisfactions of being part of any industry as a professional is the opportunity of growth. True professionals never stop learning, and are constantly trying to better themselves through training and education. If you take on this challenge of continually improving yourself you can expect this constant learning and improving of your skills will allow you to take on higher levels of responsibility. What these higher levels of responsibility are will depend on your goals, ambitions and personal qualities, however you will not be short of options.

In order to provide their members with the best service possible the Association has created a career path that will allow you a lifetime of learning and training. This will make your career more interesting and vibrant, as well as making you a better professional.

There are nine main programs currently available to members. We will highlight some of them, although you are encouraged to do further research and find more information on all nine programs. The first step for a budding insurance broker is to carry out a Best Practices program. This program is designed to enhance the performance of members by comparing the broker operations of the 150 top performing companies in the U. S and Canada. This helps brokers identify the type of strategies that work in the insurance industry.

A great second step is to earn your certified designation. This qualification proves to customers you are prepared to offer a superior standard of excellence. These qualification do not only make you a better broker but also a more successful one financially speaking as customers prefer brokers that inspire confidence with an acclaimed qualification.

Introduction to risk management is another great program if you are interested in improving your professional skills. This program will provide you with a basic understanding of what risk management is all about, and how risk managers do their job. This is important for insurance companies as their whole industry relies on the accurate management of risk.

If you take on one or all of the programs available through the Association and take advantage of the many tools they put at members disposal you will become a more professional and successful broker.

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Insuring A Private Passenger Vehicle Properly

There are several aspects of getting car insurance that aren’t understood by people who are getting insurance for the first time. Whether your car is new or used, insuring it is an important aspect of owning a vehicle. You want to understand the type of coverage you should get for your vehicle when looking to get insurance.

There are two different types of insurance for a passenger vehicle. The type of insurance that you choose to get should be based on the type of car you have, the year, and most importantly its overall value. If you car has a high overall value or is new then you will be looking to get full coverage. Full coverage will cover your car if it gets damaged in an accident.

If you’re purchasing a new car you should know that most states require you to have full coverage while the care is being paid off. The reason for this is to protect the lenders against a potential loss. If your car gets damaged in an accident and is beyond repairable you would still be liable to pay the loan but may choose not to since you no longer have a car. By requiring full coverage the insurance company would pay off the car for you. If your car is not new and you are debating on getting full coverage or not then you will want to take into account how much you would be paying for insurance every year versus the worth of the car. If you would have paid for the value of the car through insurance payments within 3 years then you will want to get liability only.

Liability is the alternative to full coverage that you can choose to have. However liability only covers you if you hit someone and does not cover your car. Many states require you to have some type of insurance. Liability is the cost effective answer to this law if your car is older. Remember that you should only use liability if your car is older or does not have much value.

If you want to protect your car from being vandalized then you will want to add another type of insurance on to your insurance plan. Comprehensive insurance isn’t a standalone insurance plan as it only protects your car from damages not due to an accident. Typically this will include fire, theft, weather, as well as some other conditions.

Comprehensive coverage is never added to liability only. Most people that have full coverage will opt to have some type of comprehensive coverage as well. It’s important to understand the types of insurance that are available to you so that you can get the lowest rate possible. Each add-on, such as comprehensive coverage, can increase or decrease the amount of your insurance. You can also save money on your car insurance by choosing to pay the 6 month premium up front for a discounted rate.

You may be eligible for a premium up front discount rate if you pay your 6 month premium all at once up front. Most companies will only do this type of discount if you pay the first six months or a year up front.

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Obama Slaps Boehner Over Finance Reform

Obama Slaps Boehner Over Finance Reform
Says House Republican leader met with bank exec and strategized on how to thwart reform. Party leaders of the United States House of Representatives – United States – Barack Obama – President – John Boehner

Read more on ABC News

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The Strange Life Of Poker Legend Stu Ungar

Too often amazing talents are given to those people who are not able to handle them. Such was the case of poker legend Stu Ungar, who had skills at the card table unrivaled in history. Unfortunately, his ineptitude at every day life and self destructive behavior was equally legendary. Ungar would eventually succumb to his demons, and was found dead in his room at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas in late’98.

The only way to accurately describe Ungar’s poker skills is to evoke a sports metaphor–Ungar’s skills at the card table were like those of Michael Jordan or LeBron James on the basketball court. Ungar’s greatest accomplishment was his three World Series of Poker victories, an accomplishment not far removed from Michael Jordan’s six NBA titles. While countless volumes have been written on poker strategy, Ungar’s understanding of the game was almost instinctive. Although he won millions playing poker, the amazing reality was that it was essentially a ‘plan C’ for him as a professional card player. He started as a Gin Rummy prodigy, but quickly ran out of willing opponents in his native New York. He then moved to Nevada, and cleaned out the gin players in the Silver State. He turned to blackjack out of necessity and was almost instantly successful, only to be barred as a card counter at a number of Las Vegas casinos. Needing a new way to earn money as a card player, he took up poker.

Ungar’s problem was that he was awful at basic survival skills. He fought a number of addictions-most notably to drugs and sports gambling. After his WSOP win in’97, he was nearly broke and wasted away from drug use by the time the’98 tournament rolled around. Vegas casino owner Bob Stupak provided the $10,000 he needed to defend his title, but as the games began Ungar cowered in his darkened hotel room unable to pull himself together enough to play.

There are countless other Ungar stories that evoke the same theme: he once paid cash for a new Mercedes and drove it until it simply fell apart from lack of basic maintenance. He signed his mortgage paperwork at the table in the Dunes poker room and was taken aback that he couldn’t make his down payment in chips.

Sadly, Ungar’s death came as a ray of hope had entered his life. Noted casino owner and longtime friend Bob Stupak had stepped in to help Ungar pay off his debts, clean up his life, and provide the stake money to enter the major poker tournaments. Ungar was found two days after the two had formalized the agreement in a contract. Ungar also left behind an ex-wife and a teenage daughter, who still live in Las Vegas. The official cause of death was listed as “coronary atherosclerosis” and a mixture of drugs including cocaine, methadone and Percodan were found in his system.

While many legendary gamblers have been tough, larger than life individuals with a healthy dose of ‘street smarts’, Ungar was the diametric opposite. He was almost completely helpless away from the poker table. In the card room, he became an almost unbeatable warrior. While his death came years before the ‘poker boom’, his influence as a pioneer of the game is without question.

Ross Everett is a respected freelance writer specializing in travel, poker and sports handicapping. He is a consulting handicapper for Anatta Sports where he is responsible for providing daily free sports picks. In his spare time he enjoys fine dining, fencing and scuba diving. He lives in Las Vegas with four dogs and a pet coyote.

The Basics Of The NFL Point Spread

In order to successfully bet on NFL football its important to start with the fundamentals. Were talking about the fundamentals of understanding the wagering side of the equation. There\’s a lot of misunderstanding about what NFL pointspreads mean and how they are set. A firm understanding of the bookmaking concept of setting NFL lines is a prerequisite for any sports betting success.

The general public has a tendency to oversimplify the meaning of an NFL pointspread. The conventional wisdom is that it is simply a prediction of which team will win and by how much. There is a component of that in the NFL bookmaking equation, but theres a lot more to it. In theory, a sportsbooks primary goal is to equally divide the action they take on an individual game. If they do their job right, the outcome of the game is irrelevant to the bookmaker. Youll frequently hear clueless sportscasters make inane comments following a big upset like Boy, the sportsbooks in Las Vegas must have lost their shirts on that one or whoever set the line got this one wrong. Thats something that simply cannot be determined from the outcome of the game alone.

Since a bookmakers primary goal in setting NFL betting lines is to equally divide action, they have to make each side of a wagering proposition attractive to a prospective player. For that reason, its more accurate to say that NFL lines are more of a reflection of the betting publics perception of which team will win a game and by how much than anything else. Some NFL teams are considered public teams due to their popularity and/or perceived qualitative skill. So if the numbers in a hypothetical game between Dallas and Cincinnati indicate that the Cowboys should be a -6 favorite a book may open the game at -7 or -7.

In early season wagering there are a few additional factors at play. A bookmaker may consider a teams NFL preseason record for the simple reason that the NFL betting public gives it undue attention. Sharp players know that there is little correlation between a teams preseason success (or lack thereof) and their regular season performance. Another consideration is a teams performance in the previous season or, in some cases, their historical performance.

Its also important to understand why NFL lines are moved after the opening numbers are posted. While it may occasionally be due to external factors such as injury or weather, more often than not its a direct result of the money a book is drawing on one side of the proposition or another. If in our hypothetical example above, Dallas opens -7 and not long after the line is moved to -7 that is an indication that the book has received the majority of their bets on the Bengals. Indeed, many sharp players base their NFL football bets exclusively on line movements.

To successfully bet on NFL football, however, it is important to spend as much time as possible understanding the intricacies of the sports gambling marketplace\”and in this regard nothing is more fundamentally important than understanding how NFL pointspreads are made and why they are moved.

Ross Everett is a experienced freelance writer who covers travel, casino gambling and sports handicapping. He is a consulting handicapper for Anatta Sports where he is responsible for providing daily free sports picks. In his spare time he enjoys fine dining, flower arranging and deep sea diving. He lives in Las Vegas with four dogs and a pet coyote.

Basic Concepts Of Sports Betting Futures

Many serious sports bettors consider the futures wager the province of rank amateurs trying to go for the big killing. They\’re the sports betting equivalent of the wanna-be stock investor who always gripes if only I had bought Microsoft when they went public. They\’re not the type who\’ll do the work to grind out profits in the market, nor are they forward thinking enough to find the next big company to go public. They\’d rather lay some money on a high priced dog and hope for the best, which seldom (if ever) occurs. Right now at some sportsbooks a $100 bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to win the 2010 Superbowl will pay back $10,000. The problem is that the true odds of Cincinnati winning the Superbowl are probably in the range of 50,000 to 1 which makes the +10000 you\’re getting in this bet a bad value from the get-go.

Of more practical concern to the serious sports bettor is the necessity of tying up a portion of your wagering bankroll for a long period of time. Additionally, once you\’ve placed a futures bet the outcome is still subject to the typical areas of concern for sports handicappers–injuries, trades, coaching changes, etc. It\’s hard enough to stay on top of these variables on a day-to-day basis, and predicting them over the full season is downright impossible.

So futures plays have no relevance to a serious approach to sports handicapping? Not necessarily. It\’s crucial to think of the sports betting discipline in terms of value. Used properly, futures wagers are frequently a good way of maximizing line value and finding overlay situations. Here are some ways in which future wagers can be successfully leveraged.

Futures can present an opportunity to \’earn\’ a greater value on certain bets. For example, it has become common for sports books to take action on entertainment events like the Academy Awards. By paying close attention to Hollywood gossip and entertainment news, a bettor can actually have a better take on these outcomes than the bookmaker.

Every year some sportsbooks start to take action on the big Academy Awards categories like Best Picture and Best Director well before the actual nominations are released. If you can stay up-to-date on the buzz surrounding certain films you can get substantially better value than if you wait until after the nominations are released.

Making the Academy Awards an even better candidate for futures wagers is the nature of the film business itself. The release schedule for films is set well in advance, and after the year end cut off date no \’surprise\’ releases can sneak in to consideration. At this point, its relatively easy to narrow down the serious contenders and with some work to come up with a \’short list\’ of Oscar candidates.

Futures wagers are also effective for finding value in a sports betting paradigm. By its very nature, sports presents more variables to deal with than does the movie industry. The top teams are well known by both the linesmakers and general public, and seldom can be found at a value price. For example, you can already bet that the New England Patriots will win the 2010 Superbowl but you can be sure that you\’re not going to get a good value price on such a well known \’public\’ team.

To use future bets effectively in this manner, you need to dig a little deeper. For example, before the NHL All Star break you could have bet on the Carolina Hurricanes to win the 2009 Stanley Cup at prices as high as 25/1 or 30/1. Now, they\’re in the Eastern Conference Finals and priced as low as 5/1.

This play wasn\’t based on any sort of certainty that this team would win the Stanley Cup, but rather on the value they presented. In other words, the true odds of this dark horse Cup win is more in the range of the current price so the 40/1 is a clear overlay. Once the playoffs begin, this sort of positional play offers a lot of options to hedge and to lock in a profit.

Don\’t forget the field. Many bettors dismiss plays on the field in a futures wager out of hand, thinking that the wager represents all of the entrants not good enough to justify an individual price. If you pay attention, however, you can frequently use a field wager to your advantage. Shortly after Dale Earnhardt\’s tragic death at the 2001 Daytona 500 I found a sportsbook that was offering a field wager on the NASCAR rookie of the year award at 15/1. Richard Childress Racing hadn\’t officially announced Harvick as the fulltime replacement for Earnhardt, but the word on the streets strongly suggested that would be the case. I knew that Harvick was a talented young driver (he was the 2000 Busch Series rookie of the year), but the unique situation with a rookie driving for one of the best financed and most experienced teams in the sport was too good to pass up. I made the bet on Harvick at just the right time, since after he was announced as the replacement for Earnhardt the line dropped to 5/1. After he won his first race (in his third race) the line dropped to 2/1 and by mid season the field was a -250 chalk.

This is obviously a best case example, but there have been similar circumstances that were still good value plays but didn\’t work out perfectly like the Harvick situation. Several years ago it wasn\’t uncommon to find a field bet on NASCAR road races that allowed you to bet several of the road course specialists like Ron Fellows, Boris Said and Scott Pruett with one bet. You wont be able to take advantage of the field bet often, but if you keep your eyes open and think out of the box it can be very profitable when it does occur.

As a postscript, I want to emphasize the importance on shopping around any futures play for the best price. Shopping points is a smart thing to do on any wager, but the differences from book to book are frequently most extreme with futures plays. A little legwork can yield a substantially better price and the resulting better value.

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance writer specializing in sports handicapping, drag racing, travel and falconry. He is a staff handicapper for Anatta Sports where he is in charge of providing daily free sports picks to a number of websites and broadcast media outlets. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a wombat.

Do you turn the television on every time Gone with the Wind airs? Do you talk about the characters as though they are real people? If you sometimes find yourself wishing that you could be taken back to a time when beautiful debutants entertained suitors on the lawn, horse drawn carriages were still used, and it was perfectly acceptable to nap during the hottest part of the day then you should definitely check out Gone with the Wind personal checks and their accessories.

One of the most popular novels of all time, it has sold more than 30 million copies around the world. It has been turned into a movie, a musical, and a play and has spawned a multitude of pop culture references.

Regardless of its colossal popularity, Gone with the Wind was the only novel that author Margaret Mitchell wrote. It took Margaret seven years to write the novel and practically a whole year just to check its historical facts. In 1937 it won the Pulitzer Prize and eventually won many Oscars at the Academy Awards for the 1939 film version.

Nowadays, Gone with the Wind is known for its poetic descriptions of the old south, as well as for the histrionic antics of the lead heroine, Scarlett O\’Hara. While it sometimes receives criticism for its depiction of race in the old south, a tremendous amount of historical research went into the writing of it.

It is probable that several of the characters depicted in the book were based on real people in Margaret\’s life, such as her grandmother and first husband. It has also been suggested that President Theodore Roosevelt\’s mother, Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, inspired the character of Scarlett.

When the movie was being filmed, hundreds of actresses tried out for the part of Scarlett, including Bette Davis and Lucille Ball. It\’s hard to imagine the film being the same without the ethereal beauty of Vivian Leigh, however. The legend goes that the director first knew that she was Scarlett when he saw the flames of the burning of Atlanta reflecting in her eyes.

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