If you’re new to the world of Bobbleheads for the Fallout 3 console game, you may think that a strength Bobblehead is going to be one of those body builder models. All rippling plastic muscle, well defined pecs and a nice tight six pack- touched off with a cheeky bobbling head.
And that sort of Bobblehead is great, but even better, especially for the gamers of you out there, is that big boy of the Vault Boys club- Strength Bobblehead!

The Powerhouse of the Vault Boys

Of course his bobbling visage remains that cheeky grinned youthful face we all admire, but just check out those biceps! This is a Vault Boy that is totally pumped up. In Fallout 3 he is the one who will boost your strength, once you have unearthed him. His motto is “it’s essential to give your arguments impact” and you just know that he isn’t talking about a student society debate.

But be careful where you put him

Strength Bobblehead packs a punch, and that’s almost certainly how he will win arguments when place amongst your Bobblehead collection. So do be careful where you place him- Strength Bobblehead doesn’t mean to use his powerful torso aggressively, but sometimes it just kind of spills out.

So for all you gamers out there, or even those looking to gift a gamer friend, make Strength Bobblehead next on your list of essential Bobblehead purchases. He will be the envy of all your pals, once he’s placed on your shelf next to the other Vault Boys.