This Bobblehead has a saying that goes like this: ‘the safest distance between two points is a shadowy line’. What a wonderful motto- we all could learn a lot from this Fallout 3, Vault boy – the infamous Sneak Bobblehead. He’s a wonderfully colorful character, who improves your sneak skills by ten, up to a maximum of 100. We just have to love the Sneak Bobblehead for who he is; a gloomy character who would up darken anyone’s day, not only the avid gamers.

The shadows are his friend

Funko Bobbleheads all make great pals on their own, or as collectibles- and they really do have all their own personalities, and this Bobblehead is certainly no exception. Sneak Bobblehead would be handy in any situation; if you want something finding out for you, you could just send him in to do it.

After all, he is an accomplished achiever, in the field of sneaking which makes him very popular among the other Bobbleheads. He keeps them on their toes, because they never know where Sneak Bobblehead will turn up next!

But make sure you don’t lose him

As a gift, a Sneak Bobblehead figurine would be great for anyone – that is, if they can find him once unwrapped. He will definitely add personality to your Bobbleheads collection; if you can catch him!

So go ahead, treat yourself, or someone you care about, to a Sneak Bobblehead figurine and raise a smile! Why not get two and see which one out-sneaks the other? You may never know for sure; you’d have to watch them real close!