Small arms Bobblehead is a great Vault Boy Bobblehead to have on the team; his motto is ‘Because it’s easier to have courage from a safe distance away”. Those Bobbleheads do have a wacky sense of humor, and Small arms Bobblehead is no exception. He makes a great little figurine, all blue and yellow and packing iron!

Bobbleheads are fantastic to gift to that loved gamer in your life. You could start them on their journey to a collecting Bobbleheads, which could just become very rewarding in the future, when they become prime collectibles.

Don’t Fallout- fall in – to a great hobby!

Of course, as a Vault Boy, Small arms Bobblehead comes from the darkly wacky world of Fallout 3, so gamers will definitely appreciate him as a gift. Small arms Bobblehead is a well armed Bobblehead, who would liven up any gifting day, whether intended to be collected or not.

A good example of a perfect gifting opportunity is if your special friend has achieved a major advance in Fallout 3. How pleased would they be to have a nodding Vault Boy on their gaming table, knowing that they are rated by all and sundry as kings of the Fallout world? Perhaps you deserve a Small arms Bobblehead yourself, for making your own small heroic achievements in the real world.

Go to the next level

Small arms Bobblehead certainly looks best as part of a larger collection; so maybe you should look out for all the other great Vault Boy figurines now on the market. Then you can array them neatly on your shelf, and they can all nod back at you in satisfaction – Bobblehead heaven!