Where do the Bobbleheads sit on the whole science versus religion debate? It’s an important question, because the Bobbleheads aren’t just bits of bobbling plastic. They have feelings; they hurt and they laugh, they think and they philosophize; in short they have brains, but they also have souls. So it’s not surprising that Science Bobblehead should be one of a plethora of Bobbleheads populating the Bobblehead universe. And he definitely stands for Science- his coat is white and his pencils are sharp!

Science Bobblehead isn’t a geek- he’s a nerd!

If you were to purchase a Science Bobblehead, you’d better be prepared for a lecture or two. He is something of an evangelist when it comes to letting everyone know about the scientific basis of the world. It’s not that he wants to boss everyone around, or insist that he’s right on everything. It’s just that Science Bobblehead loves to let everyone know about the weird world of science. Just don’t call him a geek- he’s a nerd though and through, and will probably be very insulted to bracketed with the comic book reading and computer worshipping geeks!

But what about the Fallout Vault Boys?

There is another Science Bobblehead who would dispute that view of the world – the ultimate computer game geek’s hero- the Vault Boy from Fallout 3. He is known confusingly as, err, well, Science Bobblehead! This bright blue twin is the perfect collectible for the gamers of the world who have conquered fallout 3, but want the plastic to prove it!