Bobbleheads have firmly ensconced themselves in popular culture- and they can now even be found in computer games, as icons of fun and general silliness. One game to make great use of Bobbleheads is Fallout 3.They can be found all over the post-apocalyptic world of Planet Fallout. Bobblehead Vault Boys have been secreted in the most outlandish places and Fallout gamer’s trip over themselves to get them- in Megaton, Evergreen Mills and even Rockopolis – but is there actually a Rockopolis Bobblehead to be found?

Armed and ready to Bobble

Yes there is! Well so the legends of the Fallout say. Rockopolis itself is pretty difficult to find, as it’s an underground settlement hidden in a hillside. But, with a little painstaking search, amongst the boulders near the Capital Wasteland, good gamers eventually stumble on the small cave entrance. And lurking in there is the treasure those gamers want – the legendary Unarmed Vault Boy, Rockopolis Bobblehead.

Small but powerful

What is so special about this little bobbling guy, the only Rockopolis Bobblehead? Well, his name may be Unarmed, but his motto gives it away: “when words fail, there are always fists”. Yes, the Rockopolis Bobblehead is a skilled martial artist, and bumps up the fighting abilities of Fallout gamers considerably.

But once you’ve conquered the challenges of the Fallout 3 computer game, maybe you could reward yourself with a unique treat; an actual Rockopolis Bobblehead, materialized out of the virtual world, and proudly bobbling on your desk – witness to your achievements!