It probably started quite innocuously for you. One birthday, some distant relative, at a loss to find you a birthday present that you would really want, plumped for something left field – a Chief Justice Rehnquist Bobblehead. After all, you did say that one day you’d like to be a lawyer, didn’t you? Of course you dropped him in sheer disappointment, and he got a little chip. But you knew you’d never need to repair Bobblehead Rehnquist. Your relatives were distant, and unlikely to notice his absence.

We must repair Bobblehead Rehnquist

But your channel flicking catches the tail end of the news by accident- and there is your Bobblehead, all 9 inches of supreme justice, a pristine Chief Justice Rehnquist Bobblehead. And he’s been sold for more than $2000! It turns out there are some big bucks collectors of those legal eagle Bobbleheads. And your decision not to repair Bobblehead Rehnquist is looking rather foolish.

A cautionary tale

Ok, so maybe that’s an extreme example of where Bobblehead collecting can take you, but for any serious collector of the more valuable, or vintage Bobbleheads, inadvertent damage is a constant worry.

The value of your Bobbleheads can be seriously affected- so you need confidence that the firm you get to repair Bobblehead’s broken arm is professional and competent. Don’t trust your repair Bobblehead to a dab of glue, or to just any company advertising on the internet- get references, check out the Bobblehead collectible forums. Bobbleheads are not just a hobby, they’re your investment for the future!