In the world of popular collectibles, Bobbleheads stand astride the scene like a colossus, a towering mass of bobbling brilliance. Who can deny the relentless ease with which Bobbleheads have marched to the top of the pile, courtesy of their cute nodding visages? Every cultural and sporting icon has to have their own Bobblehead representation – from presidents to kings, from celebs to chief justices. Now even websites are getting in on the act- a Reddit Bobblehead anyone?

Coolness defined

Why would you want a Reddit Bobblehead- why would anyone? Well you probably are underestimating the cool factor surrounding both Reddit and Bobbleheads. Put the two together, and you have distilled the essence of coolness, into six inches of shimmering plastic brilliance!

Reddit is the number one website for trend-definers – those who know what is hot online, but just want to confirm that the rest of cyberspace has caught up with them. You must know someone who is similarly ‘totally grooved’ when it comes to the latest happenings online. Possibly you will have seen that cute little Reddit alien head poking out at the back of their laptop screen. What better a present could that uber-geek have, than a Reddit Bobblehead?

Cuteness personified

Of course, many out there will want a Reddit Bobblehead just for pure cuteness. Because that crudely drawn collection of curved lines looks like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. He (or she) is a real heart warmer; and how much more so would they be when fashioned into a bobbling Reddit Bobblehead. So endow your dwelling with real alien charm!