Bobbleheads are definitely number one, when it comes to making up your present lists; they add a touch of fun, and a sense of silliness to any birthday, Christmas or other gift-giving event. The great thing is that Bobbleheads can be found from characters across the spectrum of films, TV shows, sports and computer games. There’s bound to be one out there to fit the person to be gifted. A good example is Quagmire Bobblehead.

Family Guy Fun

Everyone has heard of Family Guy, that top rated animated series which took over from where the Simpsons left off! It really has pushed cartoons very firmly into the adult zone! And whether you love it, or loathe it, its crude humor is bound to be just what makes one or more of your acquaintances giggle helplessly on the floor. And Family Guys is one of those shows that fans are devoted to – if they watch Family Guy, they’ll watch it with a passion. For just such a guy, or gal, Quagmire Bobblehead would be a dream present.

Giggity Goo!

That’s because Quagmire Bobblehead represents a character, Quagmire, who is something of an anti-hero. A relentlessly over-sexed, crass hipster, still living a life of sexual excess, the words “giggity giggity goo” from Quagmire Bobblehead’s lips will make any Family Guy fan crease up with laughter. So Quagmire Bobblehead could be the perfect gift for those tickled by the show. Or perhaps, more maliciously, you could give this Bobblehead as a present to the Glen Quagmire in your neighborhood!