Have you been entranced by the world of the Bobbleheads? A few inches of plastic body- but the heads- wow! The way they bobble and roll, there is something transfixing in their motion that grabs the hardest of hearts. You lock your eyes on one of those babies, when they’re in motion, and a smirk becomes a grin, which, before you know, is a smile and then a laugh- they’ve got the route to a belly laugh firmly mapped. And there is so much Bobblehead action out there- rank after rank of plastic modeled cranium. But you will eventually spot a gap there- where is your personalized Bobblehead?

You rate a Bobblehead of your own

After all, a whole host of minor celebrities seem to have hooked up nicely with the marketing potential of a personalized Bobblehead. Surely your smiling visage merits a shiny plastic bobbling head, with your carefully reconstructed, though slightly inflated, features. Is there a way to get your face into the plastic (but incredibly validating) world of the Bobbleheads?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that a personalized Bobblehead is closer than you might have thought possible. Forget the climbing of the greasy pole of C-list celebrity, dismiss those plans for signing up for the latest round of reality TV humiliation; you can actually get your own personalized Bobblehead by mail order!

All they need is a photograph

Incredible, but true – all that your friendly Bobblehead agents require is a nicely framed, reasonably representative photographic image of yours truly. Then, they can magically transform the 2D you into a rippling 3D surface, to flesh out your personalized Bobblehead. Get your photo mailed today, and you can be bobbling with the best of them!