Perception Bobblehead, perception – that is what we need. And we can all perceive many qualities out there; qualities that we would dearly love to possess, or enhance; Intelligence, endurance, charisma or strength. Who hasn’t struggled to try and improve themselves in one or more of these areas? After all, life is nothing without striving for betterment.

Perceive the future of Bobbleheads

But what if you could unlock the secret of personal improvement, simply and without having to delve deeply – just by finding a Bobblehead that matches the quality you need. Does it sound like a fantasy-? Well it is a real one prospect for Fallout 3 gamers, because Bobbleheads really do give Fallout characters such a boost- and Perception Bobblehead is one of the most sought after.

That’s because Perception Bobblehead, standing there askance, hand shielding his brow as he reaches out with his deep inner vision, allows you to see things no-one else can. In a world as dark and dangerous as Planet Fallout, that is a great skill to have.

To have and to hold

Now gamer fans, you can own a real life Perception Bobblehead, one to hold and treasure, display and flaunt. That’s because the Vault Boy Bobbleheads are finally hitting plastic. They stand tall, they grin toothily, they are fully suited in blue, and are totally quiffed. And, it goes without saying, they bobble until the night fall(out). So you can finally show your friends how perceptive you are, by acquiring a full set of Fallout Bobbleheads.