Just where do Fallout 3 gamers go next, when they’ve got nearly all the Vault Boy Bobbleheads they need to boost their skills, and enhance their attributes? Well, scary as it may be, Paradise Falls Bobblehead could be next on your list of Vault Boy Bobbleheads. Scary, because we all know what goes on up at Paradise Falls, and it isn’t pretty.

Take me back to Paradise Falls..

Perhaps appropriately, Paradise Falls, the major market for slaving, is located in a derelict shopping mall, north of Arefu. It can be seen for miles around, because of the giant ice-cream cone-wielding Big Boy, who towers above the surrounding landscape. This town is infested with fierce slavers, but you must confront, and defeat them, if you are to obtain the Paradise Falls Bobblehead.

Talk you way out?

But will the effort be worthwhile- which of the Vault Boy Bobbleheads is the Paradise Falls Bobblehead? Well, it is the Speech Bobblehead, that renowned orator, whose motto is “Let words be your weapon”. Which is definitely not something to try, when faced with Eulogy Jones and her gang of marauding slavers!

Once your quest for the Fallout Bobbleheads is over, and you’ve pocketed the Paradise Falls Bobblehead, along with all the others, you do of course get much more than just a perfectly formed character- you get a trophy! But surely, even better than a trophy, would be your own real-world display case full of bobbling Vault Boy Bobbleheads. Be on the look-out for Fallout 3 merchandise, and you can turn your lounge into a Bobblehead sanctuary!