Trends in gift-giving come, and trends in gift-giving go, but one staple of the gift market that refuses to go away is the Bobblehead. That’s because they have something those others lack- a sense of fun! Whatever celebrity, star, musician or politician you have on your desk, once their Bobblehead starts bobbling, you will split your sides! The more serious the character, the funnier they get; Mr. T Bobblehead is a case in point.

The B Team

Who hasn’t heard or Mr. T? That crazy dude in the hit 80’s TV series “The A Team”- always spoiling for a fight; always scaring the opposition off with his hard man hair cut; and always dazzling with his bling. But those poor A Team guys constantly have to drug him, to get him from one sorry adventure to the next; the tough man is frightened stiff of flying- a classic! Now the A Team is the B Team – the Bobblehead Team- and Mr. T Bobblehead is the most popular and in demand character.

Lovingly sliced from the toughest plastic, Mr. T Bobblehead is imposing, with a mean, chewing rattle snakes look on his face. Even with his oversized head, Mr. T Bobblehead’s body is a tight barrel of muscle- you certainly wouldn’t mess with him.

Would you laugh at Mr. T?

But then some brave soul nudges his head – and, yes, there he goes; he is bobbling, nodding madly up and down! And the tougher he tries to look, the more incongruous he looks- and you can’t help yourself; there you are laughing at that toughest of nuts, Mr. T Bobblehead! A perfect gift, wouldn’t you say?