Some people collect Bobbleheads of Elvis, some have a collection of Chief Justice Bobbleheads sitting on their office desks, others are obsessed with getting hold of all of the variants and deviants of the Family Guy series- but series gamers, a breed apart, collect Bobbleheads to survive! Yes Fallout 3 players dodge and shoot, tumble and bleed, all for the privilege of getting those cute little Vault Boy Bobbleheads. The last thing they want to happen is to miss out on that vital attribute enhancing Bobblehead- Missable Bobbleheads are a real hazard out there!

Do you play with Dolls?

So which Vault Boys are Missable Bobbleheads, where you won’t get another chance to grab them? Well, the Fallout world has twenty of these blonde bobbling beauties scattered over the desolate landscape. Each gives you a boost to one skill or another. But more than that, put them all together, and you can get your own trophy case, or that special Vault Tec CEO Trophy!

Don’t miss out

The Missable Bobbleheads collections starts with Megaton Bobblehead – if you’re silly enough to let off the big Megaton bomb before you get to his hidey hole, you can say goodbye to collecting him. Then there’s good old Energy Weapons Bobblehead- if you leave the Enclave Base before grabbing him, he’ll forever be one of the Missable Bobbleheads. And last, but not least, in our foray through Missable Bobbleheads is the very useful Repair Bobblehead. Don’t break that lock or you won’t be able to add him- and your trophy case will always have a blank spot to remind you.