Melee Weapons
I know what you’re thinking – isn’t Melee Weapons Bobblehead a rather odd name for a Bobblehead? Well, admittedly, for those who are non-gamers, the term ‘melee weapon’ is a little confusing. But hardened gamers are very familiar with it- a melee weapon is something you fight with – in a melee! And a melee is where you, and the other characters in a game, are going at each other, hammer and tongs, in a great big hand-to-hand scrap. So Melee Weapons Bobblehead is a particular favorite of the gaming community.

Nothing like a melee to make Fallout fans happy!

Of course, most of them are only familiar with him as a result of that games console hit, Fallout 3. In this game you play a tough hero in a post-apocalyptical world, trying to make sense of the craziness – through the medium of violence! And this is where the Vault Boy Bobbleheads, such as Melee Weapons Bobblehead come in handy. They boost your skills in certain areas- and melee weapons skills are very useful in Fallout 3.

Make their day..

But more than just a cute character on that game, you can make your game real by buying a one hundred per cent plastic Melee Weapons Bobblehead of your own. Or, if you are on the other side of the gaming fence, but know someone who is a Fallout 3 hero, then you could really make their day by putting a Melee Weapons Bobblehead into their hands. Certainly easier than them hacking their way through contaminated New Vegas!