Avid collectors of Bobbleheads will have ranged far, over the wild and wacky landscape of the Bobblehead universe. Some like to play it straight, and stick to the well travelled plains of Sports Bobbleheads. Others like to travel further afield- maybe they’ll pick a particular set of films to follow, like the various grisly Horror Bobbleheads out there. Or possibly they’ll try to elevate their bobbling into the holy sphere with religious Bobbleheads. But the most bizarre, probably, is the Megaton Bobblehead.

Explosive Bobbleheads galore!

What is a Megaton Bobblehead? Well first you must know about Megaton. It is a gloomy, mad city in the post-apocalyptical world of Fallout 3. Built from scavenged debris of our fallen civilization, it lies in a crater. That was formed from an air crash during the war that leveled the world, and now Megaton is home to a mutant population. But it is also home to many a Megaton Bobblehead. These fabulous, fun and attribute enhancing Bobbleheads are hidden in various parts of the decrepit and spooky city.

Get a Megaton Bobblehead for Fallout friends

Gamers who are mad on Fallout 3 will have strived to find a Megaton Bobblehead, hopefully all of them, because they can enhance their characters in various ways. So if you were looking for an ideal present for a friend of yours who loves Fallout 3, you could do a lot worse than getting them an actual Megaton Bobblehead. They are surprisingly cute, in their tight blue jump suits- and that friend of yours will be delighted to be reunited with an old friend!