You’ve heard you’re friends talking about them, you’ve definitely seen them on the TV, some may have nodded at you a you walked past your local Bobblehead shop- they’re here! The Bobbleheads, the ultimate in collectible fun, the figurines that your windowsill is just crying out to be loaded up with. Lockpick Bobblehead may just pick his way into your heart, despite you best defenses.

He will unlock your heart

All the Bobbleheads are different. Take that off-the-wall character, Lockpick Bobblehead. He is a real, genuine, 100 dollar character! He can pick any lock anywhere, anytime! In fact he’s a pretty handy guy to have around. Maybe you know someone can pick a lock just like Lockpick Bobblehead? Don’t they deserve to have a buddy just like them? Or possibly someone whose heart you want to unlock?

A collection of Bobbleheads would not be complete without Lockpick Bobblehead. All the other Bobbleheads love him to bits, and he sure does come in useful! Bobbleheads are generally very forgetful folk you see, and constantly leaving their keys at home. So they always call on Lockpick Bobblehead! That is, if they’ve remembered their cell phone! He always comes to the rescue with a big smile and a cute demeanor.

Treat yourself to a charmer

So if you’re thinking of someone special who deserves a treat, consider a Lockpick Bobblehead figurine. Or maybe you could keep him all to yourself, because he is a real charmer; he’ll make you smile every time you look at him. Go on treat yourself today.