A Joker Bobblehead could be cheesy- but if it is a figurine of Heath Ledger in the Dark knight – then that’s a different matter! The attention-to-detail makes them instantly recognizable. What better gift, for someone you love, than a Joker Bobblehead to jiggle away the hours? You just know you would love to have Heath Ledger bouncing away on your desk. Who wouldn’t!

Keep on Bobbin’

But seriously guys, the Joker Bobblehead figurines would be ideal for just about everyone; old or young, happy or miserable, the Joker figurine would cheer up the grouchiest of folk.

The Joker figurine would be great on his own, but would shine as part of a collection- you can just see him with the other Funko Bobbleheads. Then he has those other Bobbleheads, defenseless, for him to carry out his mean Joker tricks on; after all the Joker Bobblehead can hardly play tricks on himself, now can he?!

Gone but not forgotten

Everyone surely knows someone who loves the Dark Knight movie; and having a Joker Bobblehead could be a touching, and inspiring, reminder of what a great actor and personality the world is now sadly missing. The Joker is a masterpiece from Funko and no Bobblehead collection would ever be complete without him.

If you don’t know what to buy that someone special in your life, whether it be for an occasion, or just a plain old show of appreciation (a ‘hey I love you, guy’) then, quite possibly, a Joker Bobblehead figurine is going to hit the mark.