We could all do with a little boost to our grey matter now and then, something Intelligence Bobblehead specializes in. But luckily for all of those in the Fallout gang, they can enhance not just their intelligence, but also their strength, endurance and charisma, by getting hold of those elusive Vault Boys Bobbleheads. Were that it as simple back in the real world!

But for those of you for whom the Vault Boys represent a path to gaming glory, the opportunity to immortalize those moments of triumph in vivid plastic is not to be sniffed at. And now you can; Intelligence Bobblehead has leapt off of the game console screen, and into your living room.

Intellectualize yourself with Intelligence Bobblehead

What is it about Intelligence Bobblehead that makes him so alluring? Well, apart from his capacity to nudge you a little closer to the Einsteins of this world, he is in fact, a rather cute looking Bobblehead. Hands planted firmly to his hips, chest thrust proudly out, with that mortar board perched rather jauntily on his head. And, as with all serious geniuses, he comes complete with glasses to give him that air of total intellectual superiority!

Always top of the class

But Intelligence Bobblehead isn’t a bore- he won’t rub his clever clogs in your face. In fact he’s quite shy when it comes to his numerous doctoral theses. But Intelligence Bobblehead will sit very nicely on your desk, probably at the head of your ever growing Vault Boy Bobblehead collection.