In Fallout 3, it is often mooted that a good strategy is to get a boost to your brain cells quickly – this will really get you moving through the other skills and levels. Here the INT Bobblehead will help you enormously. Other Vault Boy Bobbleheads, in the Fallout game, may be able to enhance your strength, or endurance or even charisma. And all of those Vault Boys offer good paths to gaming glory; but INT Bobblehead is much more of an enabler. High intelligence is needed across a range of other attribute enhancements, so Fallout fans will rate this particular Bobblehead highly.

Use your brains to grasp the dream

So if you follow this intelligence-enhancing strategy, and you manage to get your INT Bobblehead easily from Rivet City, you can pound your way to the top of the Fallout pile. But what to do then? After all of your digital triumphs, maybe you will feel just a little jaded- where are all your achievements when you turn off the console? Where have all the Vault Boy Bobbleheads gone?

Live the dream in plastic

Well there is a way to make your sense of victory tangible- get hold of a real INT Bobblehead! You know he’s your favorite, and the idea of having a bright blue and yellow plastic Vault Boy such as INT Bobblehead will be an ideal reward. He can be your trophy, proudly present, and nodding those shiny teeth, when your buddies come over for a gaming evening. Make the dream come alive- get INT Bobblehead today!