In the never ending quest for Bobbleheads in Fallout 3, many have strived and failed to get the Fort Constantine Bobblehead. This large old military establishment has some difficult to access areas, some very interesting items of loot, and several insanely dangerous Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles! But also, nestled somewhere within this dark foreboding place, is the Vault Boy Bobblehead you are looking for – the Fort Constantine Bobblehead.

They seek him here, they seek him there- but they can’t find that Fort Constantine Bobblehead anywhere. But the secret is out – the Bobblehead to find in this abandoned military base is none other than Big Guns Bobblehead. And boy is his gun big!

Big Toys for Big Boys

This is the Vault Boy Bobblehead that you will need if you are to boost you skill at handling the big boys of the weapons world. And who doesn’t want to thrill to the awesome destruction unleashed by helicopter gunships machine gun, held in your very own hands. Just ask Sylvester Stallone!

Get real with your own Vault Boys

Our man, Fort Constantine Bobblehead is located in an open safe in the darkest recesses of the Fort Constantine basement. Shine your torch in there, and there he is, grinning cutely at you, with just a slight bobble of his head.

Now wouldn’t it be fantastic if, after collecting all 20 of the Vault Boy Bobbleheads from the virtual world, you were able to make your very own collection, right there above your games console? Well, now you can- Bobbleheads such as Fort Constantine Bobblehead have made the transition to shimmering, bobbling plastic. Get all twenty today, and astound your friends!