With his big toothy grin, bright blue jump suit, with his bomb held aloft, in a gesture of defiance, Explosives Bobblehead is a plucky little fella. Of all the Vault Boy Bobbleheads from Fallout 3, he may be the bravest. And when you have him on your team, you’ll be making friends, and wreaking explosions, wherever you go!

High Scores win Bobbleheads

The thing with these Vault Boy Bobbleheads, on the game, is that, however much they make you better at Fallout, and however attached to them you get, you can’t hold them. Unless, of course, your geekiness has extended to being totally at one with your gaming character. So if you want evidence of your gaming skill, here in the real world, to impress your real friends (and geeks do have them!), you could really do with an Explosives Bobblehead.

But you don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate Explosives Bobblehead – his incendiary charm can light up any Bobblehead collection. Just make sure your other Bobbleheads know Explosives Bobblehead has a bomb in his hand, not a 4th of July display firework. You don’t want your precious collection blown to pieces.

Pacify your Geeky Gamer friends

There again, if you have been harassed by a geeky gamer friend who has completed Fallout 3, maybe you can quieten them down up with a present- their own Explosives Bobblehead. It may be what he or she needed to complete their collection of Vault Boys; their satisfied, quiet smiles will be all the reward you need to make the purchase worthwhile.