The Bobblehead invasion has reached some strange places over the years, but none stranger, most probably, than the various nooks and crannies of that post-apocalyptic world of the hit computer game, Fallout 3. There you will find Bobbleheads hidden in the most bizarre locations, seemingly inaccessible, but so persistently sought after. Each of the Vault Boy Bobbleheads can help you to improve your skills and attributes, and without the Bobbleheads in this game, you will struggle to complete it. One of the more difficult to find of these talismans is the Evergreen Mills Bobblehead.

Barter for a Bobblehead?

He is there – somewhere – and his name is Barter Bobblehead. But what makes Evergreen Mills Bobblehead so hard to find? Well, Evergreen Mills is an old factory in the derelict south western sector of the vast Capital Wasteland. It looks like an old steel mill built into a steep valley, and is riddled with dark dank caves. And Evergreen Mills Bobblehead is located in those dismal caves.

A little Secret

The exact location is known only to expert Fallout 3 players- but what the heck, let’s let the secret out. In the floor of the Foundry is a small hole; go through that and you’re in the Bazaar; it’s this trading complex that is home to the Barter expert, Evergreen Mills Bobblehead.

Find him and your Barter level goes up by ten – a result well worth the effort. Remember, one day, to pay back the Bobblehead- get hold of a real life Evergreen Mills Bobblehead. He can sit above your game screen nodding knowingly, and the karma balance will be restored.