Elvis Bobblehead figurines totally rock and roll! These highly collectible figurines are very detailed and colorful, reflecting Elvis’s personality beautifully. Elvis was the king of rock n roll, now the Elvis Bobblehead can be king of your Bobblehead collection.

The King of Bobble and Roll

This shiny, animated Bobblehead will brighten up anyone’s desk, shelf or mantelpiece, and bobble away happily all day. Elvis Bobblehead would make the perfect gift for any occasion, he’s a groovy little chappie and will invite good times and much hip wiggling all round.

You don’t have to be an Elvis fanatic to love Elvis Bobblehead; he’ll nod along to any music you play, indeed to everything you say! That’s the sort of companion anyone would want.

Elvis Bobbleheads come in various poses and outfits, and so can be part of a larger Bobblehead collection. Maybe you could add him to your exclusive Elvis-themed figurine collection. But just a single Elvis Bobblehead figurine would keep you company and prevent you from being lonesome tonight!

An Elvis Christmas scene

And don’t forget, the King doesn’t just rock, he rolls- and leaves you all shook up! Why not invest in a few Elvis Bobbleheads this Christmas, but add a little of the white stuff to make your own holiday themed display of Elvis? It would certainly make your Christmas bobble along nicely.

Elvis is a truly inspirational figurine, one that everyone would recognize and love. So if you’re looking for a Bobblehead gift for someone special, make it an Elvis Bobblehead figurine – and he can be their big hunk o’ love.