Now here’s a Bobblehead to send chills down your spine – a serial killer out to murder and slaughter, knife in hand and blood splattered! But don’t worry, it’s only Dexter Bobblehead, and he only kills the bad guys, because he’s Miami’s favorite serial killer killing cop!

Let’s go to the Dark side

Bobbleheads aren’t just cute, they’ve always had their dark side too- you must have noticed that when you set off your Bobblehead nodding, as your chuckles fade at his silly bobble, that he just keeps nodding. Yes, when that laugh has finally choked itself off, the Bobbleheads are still at it, fixing you with their inane grin. Staring at you- it an get kind of creepy.

So why not take that creepiness up a level, and start a collection of psychotic, mass murdering maniacal Bobbleheads. And Dexter Bobblehead can be your first Bobblehead to be on the dark side; though this could cause problems as Dexter Bobblehead will be quite keen to dispatch all those nasty serial killer Bobbleheads. So probably best to put in with the nice Bobbleheads.

Does he wanna play?

The good thing about Dexter Bobblehead is that he can then protect your cute collection of Bobbleheads from your nasty collection – a perfect balance will be achieved – as long as you don’t let Dexter Bobblehead out to play – because he wants to play. He does, he really, really does.

Alternatively, if you want to keep things simple in your Bobblehead world, just get a Dexter Bobblehead for one of your friends, family or colleagues who likes to dress in black- we all have a Goth in our circle , and you know they would just love a Bobblehead wielding a knife and all bloodied.