Let’s face it, you are looking for Bobbleheads for one reason, and one reason only – they are a gift that is packed to gills with fun! Obviously there’s an element of you that is celebrating the achievements of others, when you buy immortalized versions of them in plastic. But once you start their unbalanced heads a bobbing, hilarity is the only response. Bobbleheads let us take part in the celebrity culture of our times, without being taken in by it; we get to poke fun at them! And can you think of a worthier person to poke than Denny Crane Bobblehead?

Will the jury be swayed by his bobbling?

That self-promoting, slick, manipulative truth-bender, of the hit series “Boston Legal”, Denny Crane Bobblehead can only really be a lawyer. If you are a big fan of this classic TV series, or know someone who is, a Denny Crane Bobblehead could just about make their birthday (or Christmas or Hanukah).

Beam me down Denny

Or perhaps there is someone in your life who is just a little bit in love with a certain Mr. Shatner. Surely they would be touched and thrilled to have William bobbing up and down on their desk, in the form of Denny Crane Bobblehead! Because, however endearing the actor is, the character is just a little bit odious; being able to set his bloated ego off bobbling would be a sublime joy. So make Denny Crane Bobblehead the next stop in your search for bobble hilarity!