Bobbleheads have come, and Bobbleheads have gone, but their place in the hearts of people across the nation has never been lost. When you see that cute little character on your desk, his big head just waiting to be bobbled, it’s so difficult to resist. But maybe your Bobblehead collection is getting a little tired – maybe you’ve had your fill of all that the Bobblehead retailer has to offer you. Is it time for you to design your own Bobblehead, or get a custom Bobblehead?

Off with his head!

The endless possibilities of mix and match are one way to do this, of course- you can swap around heads using your own collection of Bobbleheads, creating bizarre custom Bobblehead after wacky custom Bobblehead. But that does require some skill, and definitely the strength of character to pull the head of those dearly loved Bobbleheads.

From photo to Bobble in a flash

But maybe what you really want is for a custom Bobblehead to be made, that matches someone you know, and love. What a superb way to express that love, by fashioning that special person in bobbling plastic- a fantastic birthday present, Christmas gift or leaving present.

The boys in the lab coats have been working over-time, and technology is here now- just send a photo of the person to be bobbled, and you’ll be rewarded shortly afterwards with a unique, custom Bobblehead through the mail. Imagine the delighted surprise of your Bobblehead lookalike friend when they unwrap their present and see themselves staring back, nodding in approval. A special moment indeed!