Of all the Vault Boys that Fallout 3 professionals are charmed by, as they clamber their way to the top of the game, Charisma Bobblehead is the most charming. Of course he is – it’s in his name! With a nice chunky boost to your own personal charisma, once you’ve located and swiped him, your progress in Fallout 3 is no doubt speeded immeasurably.

Vault Boys for every mood

So wouldn’t it be a fitting reward to Charisma Bobblehead, with his winning ways and unrivalled friendliness, to bring him into the fold of your real world Bobblehead collection. Maybe you didn’t know, but the Vault Boy Bobbleheads have been taken out of their pixelated world, and fashioned into perfect plastic replicas. Their azure costumes shine, their smiles are broad, and their heads nod, reassuringly, in the breeze.

Not just for geeks – but for those who love a geek

If this really is news to you, why not start your own collection of Vault Boy Bobbleheads, beginning with Charisma Bobblehead of course. Then you can relive each of those special moments when you found each and every one of the Vault Boys, and how they helped you on your way to Fallout 3 glory.

Of course this may all be gobbledygook to you- but what you do know is that special geek in your life, the Fallout 3 King, keeps muttering in his or her sleep the curious words “Charisma Bobblehead, where are you?”. And now you know- he’s here, and you can buy him today, and spread joy across the face of your loved one!