Bobbleheads have come a long way in the last 50 years. Back in the day, they were just humorous ways of collecting your favorite baseball stars. Then they became a way of showing what sort of a person you were- did you display and collect Star Wars Bobbleheads, sports Bobbleheads or political Bobbleheads? But now Bobbleheads have got serious – they are in the God business, and you can now have a Buddy Christ Bobblehead to give you a hotline to heaven.

Is Jesus your best friend?

All of our lives can be a bit shambolic at times, and sometimes it seems like most of the time! So a personal faith can be the strength that sees you through the mess of modern life- the power of prayer is awesome. But even more awesome is having your own Buddy Christ Bobblehead! Jesus is your friend, right there in your room. With his happily nodding face, he will shed light into your day, and make any room an oasis of calm and quiet mirth.

Take your buddy with you

Buddy Christ Bobblehead can also be taken with you wherever you travel – in your suitcase, backpack or stuck firmly to the dashboard of your car. It is probably on the dashboard that Buddy Christ Bobblehead is most comfortable. As you travel, he bobbles in approval, his twinkling eyes reassuring you that you’re going to be alright.
Whether your journey is spiritual or mundane, a Buddy Christ Bobblehead is like a modern day plastic St Christopher- always there looking over you, just like the big man in the sky.