Bobbleheads have become one of the first choices for gifts in America, and it’s no wonder. First, and foremost, Bobbleheads are fun! Whatever the Bobblehead list you use to select them, they put great big smiles on the faces of those on the receiving end of gift giving. Secondly, Bobbleheads are affordable – you won’t be breaking the bank when looking for presents for all your friends, relatives and colleagues. Thirdly, Bobbleheads may be inexpensive, but they are certainly not ‘cheap’ – they are always appreciated.

Play ‘match the Bobblehead’

The person you gift a Bobblehead to will be delighted that you have taken the time and effort to select the Bobblehead that is a perfect match for them. Which is why, it makes sense to carefully check, and recheck the Bobblehead list, to see what Bobblehead personality fits best the person you are buying for.

If you are buying for someone who’s just a little sports mad, then checking out the Bobblehead list for their sport, and picking their favorite star, or up and coming new player, would earn you plenty of brownie points.

Complete the collection –cement the relationship!

Then again you may know someone who is something of a connoisseur when it comes to collecting Bobbleheads. If you peruse the Bobblehead list that matches their chosen theme, whether it’s Goth Bobbleheads, A-Team Bobbleheads or Fallout Bobbleheads, you may find the one special Bobblehead they are missing.

To be the person that completes a Bobblehead collection by your careful selection from a Bobblehead list –what better way is there of saying “you matter to me”!