Bobbleheads have swept into the lounges of America for many years, piling onto shelves, loading up mantelpieces, and filling out basement dens. They are just so addictive, with their bobbling antics making them a gift that keeps on giving- because they are always there to cheer you up. But despite their awesome powers of entertainment, sometimes don’t you wish you could do more with them? Is there a Bobblehead game that you could play with your ever growing collection of Bobbleheads?

Let’s play with our Bobbleheads

Well, surprisingly, yes! One of the first types of Bobblehead to have a game made just for them was the Baseball Bobbleheads. It’s obvious really- sports fans collect Baseball Bobbleheads because they love the game and the love each and every baseball star bobbling on their shelf. The temptation to play a bobble version of baseball with them was just too much. And so the first Bobblehead game was born!

A Bobblehead game for every player

Now there is a Bobblehead game for all sorts of collections – Scooby Doo fans can while away the hours playing their own mystery Bobblehead game, Star Wars fans can re-enact each moment of bobbling with a Phantom Menace Bobblehead game.

And Bobbleheads have infiltrated the world of computer games- Fallout 3 puts Bobbleheads in a very special place, with a collection of Bobblehead Vault Boys enhancing your skills as you find them. And everywhere you look online there will be a Bobblehead game to take your fancy- it seems we can’t get enough of their silly craziness in a world gone crazy with silliness!