With Bobbleheads here, there and everywhere, it can sometimes seem impossible to choose which should be the next Bobblehead for you to add to your collection. There are just so many cool characters, and essential purchases in the world of Bobbleheads. This is definitely the case if your particular specialty in Bobblehead collecting is sports characters. Every season, a whole new set of sports superstars erupt onto the season, each demanding their own Bobblehead. And next on the agenda for the sports-mad is the imminent arrival of the Bobblehead Football figurines.

Who will you be buying onto your Bobblehead team

But rather than letting the Bobbleheads swamp you, maybe you could turn it into an extension of your favorite sport. After all, buying a Bobblehead Football figurine can sometimes feel a little bit like you’re a gridiron coach, as you peruse the stats, ratings and prices of your favorite football stars. And in fact many collectors of Bobblehead Football figures take their hobby so seriously they spend hours, and a lot of dough, building up a fully fledged team from the all star Bobblehead Football lists.

Let’s start the Nation Bobblehead League

This may in fact be quite a lot of fun for a Football fan. As an avid follower of the League, you probably already will have been keeping a close eye on the college scene. So you could leverage that knowledge and start purchasing your Bobblehead Football figures with relish, to create your dream team- you could even put your newly-built Bobblehead team up against your friend’s! Game on sports fans!