The craze for Bobbleheads really has come back with a vengeance in the last few years. Of course, the true Bobblehead aficionados know that Bobbleheads never went away. In fact Bobbleheads can trace their ancestry back at least fifty years. They became really popular with sports fans in the 1960s, particularly with baseball fans. Every self-respecting baseball fan would want to show off their favorite baseball stars on a purpose-built Bobblehead display.

Treat your treasured Bobbleheads with respect

Now, with the great Bobblehead revival of the last few years, you might be one of those looking around for your own Bobblehead display. Many people have invested a lot of time, and quite a few well earned dollars, in acquiring their Bobblehead collections. And presentation is important to them.

Some have built their collections from impulse purchases, with a wide variety of Bobbleheads plucked from all over the Bobblehead universe. Others have focused in on a particular area of interest. Fallout 3 Vault Boys are a recent star group of Bobbleheads that many gamers have looked to get hold of, after being inspired by the Fallout 3 game. A trophy-style Bobblehead display would work best for them.

From displays to dioramas- Bobbleheads evolve!

Others have put their efforts into building up armies of Elvis Bobbleheads, of all shapes, styles, costumes and poses. What could be better to show off their Elvis moves than a Bobblehead display looking like a Vegas stage? Geek Bobblehead collectors have been known to go for a Star Wars Bobblehead display that looks like a scene from the films- then Luke and C3P0 can bobble at home across the deserts of Tatooine!