The Bobble Head Doll is thought to date from as long ago as 150 years with a very early reference in 1842 in a short story called The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol.

Germany is thought to be the first to produce ‘nodders’ or ‘bobbers’ as the early bobble head doll was known in any scale and these were in the style of ceramic animals around 6-8 inches in size, although these were at a later date.

Now when we think of a bobble head doll one of the first things that come to mind are Sports Bobbleheads but these first started in the 1920’s when a New York Knicks basketball player was made and sparked the collectible craze.

This didn’t last though and from the 1930’s to the 1950’s they were only made in very small numbers and no-one really paid much attention.

The Baseball Bobbleheads came on the scene in the 1960’s. Produced to promote the different teams these papier-mâché bobble head doll relit the spark and collecting these being cool again. A bobble head doll based on a certain player meant that people could collect their favourites, although they all looked pretty much the same just with a different team strip on!

If you have a bobble head doll from this early period keep it safe as they are very rare. Although the fact they were made of papier-mâché meant they were affordable at the time it also means that very few have made it to any age without some serious damage…

Ceramic was bought into play in the 1970’s and meant that the bobble head doll was much sturdier than before. Now they were bought out as all sorts of teams and sports as well as cartoon characters and more, including The Beatles – this is another one that you should take care of if you find it in the attic…

Then came another lull in how much people like the bobble head doll…. Again very few were made and interest seemed to have fallen to an all time low.

Fast forward to the 1990’s and plastic manufacturing meant that the idea of a quick, cheap and mass produced bobble head doll would bring them back to the masses.

Widely thought of as the main drive behind this was the 1999 San Francisco giants baseball team handing out 35,000 Wille Mays bobblehead dolls for FREE during a game. People went crazy over these and it lead to the bobble head doll going main stream and taking in all sorts of popular figures, past and present.

If you look around for a bobble head doll today you will find a HUGE variety… even ones that look like you!

At Bobblehead Toys we try to bring them all together for you in one place so take a look around, enjoy, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make the site even better!