Betty Boop Bobblehead figurines are charming in their own right, but as collectibles they could make a somewhat racy investment, for your future or for your grandchildren.

So many to choose from

Each Betty Boop Bobblehead has its own caption, such as ‘balanced diet’, where the Betty Boop figurine holds a wine glass in each hand – nicely balanced until they are drunk! Definitely a great present for the mother-in-law who likes the fruit of the vine. Then there is the ‘shake what your mama gave ya’ Bobblehead, although maybe head banging isn’t what your mother had in mind. There is even a talking Betty Boop, for those whose mamas like to jaw.

These bright, cheery Betty Boop Bobbleheads will look great on a shelf, mantelpiece, desk or dashboard, and will bring a smile to all who behold them. The Betty Boop figurine, in particular, makes a great gift for a birthday, thanksgiving, wedding, or just to brighten up the day of that little hottie in your life.

Let’s raise a toast to the Boop!

The Funko Betty Boop Bobblehead figurines would certainly liven up a larger collection of Funko Bobbleheads – adding a little feminine ‘je ne sais quoi’ charm to it.

So if you ‘re looking for something a little different, for that someone who is more than a little different, then the Betty Boop Bobblehead figurine is just what you need. She is sure to raise spirits, along with her hemline.

Because the Betty Boop Bobblehead figurine is a special gal, she’ll definitely be appreciated by special gals and special guys alike, not just Betty Boop fans.