Baseball Bobbleheads

Baseball Bobbleheads are some of the most collected bobbleheads because everyone wants to support their team!

Since 1960 sports have been using Bobbleheads to raise awareness of the game they are representing and Major League Baseball was quick off the mark to make models of all the major teams, the first baseball team to offer bobbleheads at a game was the San Francisco Giants and pretty much every sport and team followed suit.

By making Baseball bobbleheads of all the favourite players young and old can collect them to show who they are routing for, even if they can’t watch a game!

Because of this Baseball Bobbleheads are one of the first that spring to mind and some of the earliest out there, at least in the sports field.

As a merchandising tool they certainly do the job and as a collectable Baseball Bobbleheads are hard to beat! Check out the selection below…