With a flick of his blonde hair, and a kick of his heels, Agility Bobblehead is poised to show the world the meaning of agility. His bright blue jump suit gives him the perfect fit for all of that leaping, tumbling, rolling and dodging. It is that supreme gymnastic ability that makes him the king of the Fallout 3 Vault Boys. If you have played Fallout as seriously, and as hard, as the game deserves to be played, you’ll know all about the various Vault Boys – and their handiness when it comes to bumping up your attributes.

Agility Bobblehead makes Fallout a breeze

But once you have tricked your way into winning all those useful Vault Boy Bobbleheads, and completed the game, you may find that your sense of satisfaction is fading. Because all you’ve won are trophies – through hard play of course- but they’re still not in your hand. Instead they are sitting, blinking, on a digital screen. How much better would it be for you to be holding a nodding, bobbing, smiling Agility Bobblehead in your hand- definitely worth two on the bush!

Bobbleheads are not just for Xmas

Of course buying an Agility Bobblehead is relatively easy- but the owning, caring and keeping hold of an Agility Bobblehead is so much more demanding. They need regular bobbling, plenty of dusting, and an effort to find some suitable Bobblehead companions.

The other Fallout 3 Vault boys do provide a potentially excellent source of companions for Agility Bobblehead. They know the score with Fallout 3, and will respect you, and your great taste, in having the foresight to collect these super-geek presents. So let them join your collection, as you build up your Bobblehead army, starting with that Agility Bobblehead!