We all like to think that we don’t care about being cool, but really there’s no way of getting away from the influencing factors all around us. So we ask, in today’s society, who really gets to decide what’s cool?

The Media

It doesn’t matter what our individual tastes are, everywhere around us we are confronted by images of what is and is not cool. Television, movies, magazines, the Internet; they are all in it together (through clever marketing) to convince us about how we should look, what we should buy and essentially what’s cool right now. Not just focusing on the mainstream, they are also able to sell the unique and new by persuading us that being different is also cool.


Like already mentioned above, celebrity appearances in the media also heavily influence what is cool. Styled by the best fashion designers and hair and make-up artists, film stars, musicians, sports personalities and so on are always at the fore-front of what is cool. With common sense often put to one side, today’s society assumes celebrities are automatically cool, so when a celebrity is spotted wearing or doing something new, we straight away believe it must be the latest trend without necessarily thinking whether or not is actually is!

The retail and advertising industry

When it comes to keeping up with what is cool, the shops and their adverts are the biggest providers. After all, we can’t ‘be’ cool if the shops don’t stock what ‘is’ cool. Whether shops stock what is already perceived as cool, or they themselves create what is cool through careful advertising, the retail industry has one of the biggest parts to play in maintaining cool trends.

There are always pockets of people that don’t buy into what is cool, instead sticking to their own unique styles or attitudes. But even trends that are not cool can suddenly become cool through careful advertising and product placement, and likewise, people can suddenly turn on what is cool, instantly rejecting it.

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