Cancer is an astrological sign that’s associated in the constellation Cancer. Under the tropical zodiac, Cancer is occupied by the Sun from June 22 to July 22 and under the sidereal zodiac, it’s currently from July 21 to August 9. In mythology Cancer is often associated on the Greek myth of the Lernaean Hydra, one from the Twelve Labours of Herakles and the mythical figure of Perseus, in the Greek myth of Medusa. Cancer is also associated on the Greco-Roman goddesses Selene/Luna and sometimes Artemis/Diana and Hecate/Trivia.


Individuals born under this sign are concept to obtain a kind, emotional, romantic, imaginative, quite brave, faithful, sympathetic, nurturing, patriotic, and intuitive character. The Cancer person is protective, sensitive, forgiving, giving, resourceful, self-contained, household and property oriented, maternal, loyal, love attention, fickle, and security oriented.

Cancers have a very bad temper, and can lose it extremely quickly. They can be rather violent if annoyed. As like Scorpios they are waiting to explode at any moment, but commonly manage it. They are regarded as to become powerful. In the last, Cancer was regarded as a fortunate, fruitful sign, strongly associated with tribes, clans, and closely-knit family members groups. Many current astrologers look at it being essential that Pluto was observed over a longitude of 20 degrees

Cancer as well as the first atomic bomb was detonated at the moment once Saturn reached this longitude. Saturn is stated to be specifically malefic in Cancer and Leo, for they are opposed to Saturn’s individual domiciles. Richard Saunders writes in Astrological Judgement and Course of action of Physick (1677) that Black Plague of 1593 has been caused by transiting Saturn in Cancer, breeding “Flegm, thin Water, and Melancholy mixt”.

Caesius likened the sign to “the Breastplate of Righteousness” in Ephesians VI:14. Elsbeth and Reinhold Ebertin lengthy this concept to that each degree of 360 degrees of zodiac correlates to a specific component of human anatomy. In their Anatomische Entsprechungen der Tierkreisgrade (Anatomical Correspondences on the Zodiac Degrees, 1949), the section about Cancer starts from the One degree of Cancer correlating for the sixth rib, ends of the 30 degree from the sign correlating towards the twelfth dorsal vertebra.

In astrology Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Cancer Astrology – Discover About the Star Sign Cancer In the Zodiac – Check Out cancer and leo and leo and cancer

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