Try to beat your friends, uncle or sibling at a game requiring a sharp eye and a fast hand. Nerf games challenge the accuracy of players in numerous ways. Using disks and darts, Nerf Quick Blast, Tech Target and Disc Shot could while away a wet afternoon inside thanks to foam ammunition.

With the game Quick Blast, Nerf has combined cards and darts. The darts whistle as they fly for a cool sound effect. Play Twenty-one or fire at robots in one of several ways with your own nerf blasters.

Your game comes with a number of parts. A deck of cards is one, plus nine targets with their own stands for taking aim. Included are also four darts, two blasters and a mat.

In the case of Tech Target, forget regular darts with their sharp ends and a big, hole-pocked board on the basement wall. This is a game for kids over six if dad can be pried away from it. Aim at your target to gain points and beat an opponent in one of three ways.

See who can get from ninety-nine down to zero fastest. Take aim and try to beat each others score. One extra blaster with comfort grip is included. The trigger works with air pressure. Send off a dart and find out who can shut off the electronic noise first. Colors vary.

Play Disc Shot by day, or really make things difficult by shooting at night. Disks are two sided, black on one side, yellow on the other. More than that, they will be moving. Who ever said kids games were easy never tried Disc Shot.

Players use a wireless remote launcher with adjustable height for shots at different angles. Set the launcher for countdown then fire when ready. Opponents can also play at night thanks to a two-sided disk: yellow on one, black on the other side.

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