257- “How should one realize the benefit of obstacles once 1 is told that psychic energy, acting as being a magnet, attracts all possible advantages? Truly, when a large ship increases its speed the resistance of the waves increases too.


Similarly, numerous obstacles are brought about by our personal striving. It’s this technique that attracts to us unexpected actions by an opposing will. If they’re really strong, our personal counter-stroke will develop accordingly. Most important the currents opposing us must be strong, due to the fact then our flame is ignited. Consider this inflaming useful; a conflagration would be dangerous. By inflaming I mean after the crystal type on the flame with the centre is retained ; conflagration is after the centre flares up in a blaze.

When somebody is said to become depressed by circumstances, be assured that he lives unignited, and that any encounter with an obstacle confuses his consciousness…but when the step is firm, the counter forces are beneficial… Agni Yoga

This Sutra inspired me so significantly since Agni Yoga will be the Yoga of Fire, and as such, It gives impetus towards the Astrological Science.

If we look at the opposite signs inside the Zodiac we study that they interact each-other constantly. This pressure springing from various “currents” generates a deep awareness or objectivity in how to “sail” in life, using Astrology as a Tool.

If, for instance, we eat into consideration the currents between Taurus and Scorpio we can experience the fixed strength of both signs. Taurus is “preserving”, Scorpio is “regenerating.”

In its highest essence, Taurus represents the Mother nature, the stability of beauty and life upon the planet Earth. Scorpio is the cycle “death and rebirth”of the same principle: the seasonal cyclic law.

The former brings to us the stability of values, the latter forces the exact same values to be constantly re-polarized. Through the draining from the bad energies on the surface, Scorpio transforms them into a brand new stream of healing and strength.

Both currents face every other, they are confronting energies which result, ultimately, in “flames of growth.” An really creative and artistic talent springs out of these intermingling forces; the titanic confrontation, Taurus versus Scorpio sparkles in action.

This is extremely the kind of struggle among Rajas (activity) and Tamas (inertia), and they are so equal in proportion how the combat is flaming. “Tamas induces adore of ease and pleasure, Rajas, on the other hand, is fiery, impatient, ever urging to action” – Esoteric Psychology – A.A.Bailey.

If these signs belong on the earth and water elements, fire and air are always offer from the final synthesis. It is this kind of Energy which gives birth towards appearance of colours, and inspires artists.

Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, and mental and moral balance, are the virtues to be finally acquired after the smooth flow among the a couple of signs is reached.

It is indeed a beautiful confrontation, the confrontation between Taurus and Scorpio. It is the “Fascinating Dance” in the Zodiacal opposites. Evolution develops not through harmony alone, but it’s the alternation of conflict and harmony. With out conflict, harmony becomes stagnation. Evolution is movement, and conflict ensures movement. That may be why the synthesis in between the currents of Taurus and Scorpio are ruled by “Harmony through Conflict.”

Let us “set Sailing,” exactly where in our chart Taurus versus Scorpio is, allow us push to discover the joy spreading from this confrontation, because, wherever there’s dark, there lies more light.

Taurus Versus Scorpio – The Dance with the Sign – Check Out taurus and scorpio and scorpio and taurus

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