Many people dream of being in a band. For most people they want to be the lead singer or wielding a guitar or sometimes both. This article is an introduction to how to play guitar for newbies.

The first thing to emphasise is that learning this takes practise. It may sound obvious but it is important learn effective ways of practising. Like studying for a test different methods will be effective for different people.

One thing you need to consider when using your instrument is if you want to use a pick or your fingers. Over time your fingers can get damaged and the natural oils in your fingers can damage the instrument over time. Both methods should be learned to give you a fuller range of sounds and help keep the instrument in the best condition.

A lot of people want to learn how to perform by ear. However it may be worth studying sheet music as well to read music. Knowing the theory can often help for a more effective practise. There are a number of sheet music books available in music stores and there are also ones available on the internet.

There are a number of sheet music books available in shops and libraries. You can also download them on the internet. Ideally you should look at a variety of genres to help you learn to be a better all round performer.

It cannot be stated enough that the best way to learn how to play guitar for newbies is to be dedicated and work hard. Do not just restrict yourself to one genre of music in order to add depth to your performing. Look online for tutors in your local area and demonstration videos to help you learn how to use your instrument and properly look after it.

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