The singer 4423 sewing machine has now become the tailors’ best friend in most countries in the world. This is because it has converted what previously used to be considered a tedious task to a joyful experience. With most of the features preset programs it has almost completely revolutionized stitching. What used to take many hours can now be done within a very short time and efficiently.

This machine looks like it can easily be broken but this is not the case. The outside beauty is just for aesthetics but the real power is found within this dainty equipment. It’s capacity has been amazing for most users in that it can be used to stitch heavy garments as well as lighter ones without strain.

There is a Powerful and well built Rotary Hook Unit. There is a Stainless Steel Bed Plate. The Stitch Length and Width can be adjusted. The Needle Threader is automated and built in the machine.

This machine has enabled users to select from up to 23 different types of stitches and when the user is working on many layers of materials, she or he can easily create space by lifting the presser foot higher. The gadgets within this machine can be easily manipulated to make the stitching environment as friendly as possible by the user.

There is a drop feed for sewing in free motion, and the bobbin system is jam proof. As the user, you should also try to stitch both light and heavy weight fabric to confirm that it is able to do so easily.

Any task can be accomplished within the equipment very fast because most of the systems have been automated. Despite all the functions and features outlined above, it still remains a very simple piece of equipment to operate. This is because it can be easily operated by a beginner who has never stitched comfortably and also an experienced user.

The only difference is that to a beginner, they would still have to learn a few things as they work, whereas to the skilled and experienced user, working on this machine would simply be fulfilling the desire they have had for a many years.

The singer 4423 machine is a very useful piece of equipment for any person who stitches.

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