Many people come to the realization that purchasing a second hand mobility scooter is the best choice for their circumstances and finances, so in this article I’m going to consider some of the pros and negatives of doing this. Hopefully, this information should help you when you come to make that all important purchasing commitment, and should also help you to tackle any hesitations and problems you have with the entire process.

The pros of buying a secondhand mobility scooter:

- Price: you obviously get a better price when you buy a used model, with prices sometimes a small fraction of the brand new vehicles

- Reconditioned or good as new: many scooter businesses buy in old stock and fully refurbish the engines, brakes and hardware, so you’re virtually getting a brand new machine anyway

- After sales support: if you buy second-hand from a reputable provider, you’ll automatically benefit from their after sales service plans as standard – even if it is a second hand machine

There are many other great reasons to buy a second hand mobility scooter, but there are some things to watch out for too:

- Purchasing privately: if you don’t buy your used model from a known dealer, a private sale could leave you open to no guarantees if there is a fault

- No service record: used scooters sold privately often don’t have service histories with them (but you can avoid this if you buy from a trusted dealer that reconditions each machine)

- Price: often a private seller of a second hand mobility scooter will not have done any refurbishment work on it, so while the price might be low, so might the value

In conclusion, there are many great reasons to buy a second hand or used mobility scooter, but the potential pitfalls prove you should only buy from a reputable dealer. Whilst private sellers might be making a perfectly honest sale, they will not have the facilities and skill necessary to refurbish the machine – which will mean the deal you get is not as great as it first seems.

There are many trustworthy United Kingdom dealers who refurbish and sell on pre-owned mobility scooters, and these often come with a full service warranty and an after sales care plan too. Take a look at the extra resources below for more details on where to get a really good deal on used units.

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