Cell phone insurance is a form of protection coverage for a cell phone in case something happens such as loss, theft, and certain kinds of damages. It helps owners to feel more secure knowing that they can have their phones replaced should something unfortunate occur. It is usually obtained through the cell phone service provider and is added on as an additional charge to the monthly bill. The service providers usually have contracts with third party companies who replace the phones when things happen.

Most providers will allow the customer to add on cell phone coverage for up to thirty days after the purchase of a new device. After the initial thirty day period insurance is no longer allowed to be added to the account for that particular phone. This is to ensure that new insurance policies are not being added to phones that were already damaged. The companies would like to cover new phones initially and after thirty days cell phones are pretty much broken in.

Cell phone insurance claims are processed by the customer either calling a number or entering the information at a website. A description of the phone, contact information, and report of what happened must be given. It is up to each consumer to decide whether he or she really needs cell phone insurance. In most cases it is better to have insurance than not to have it. The cost of cell phones is getting higher by the day so money is usually saved by keeping the insurance. Not only that but some of the more advanced phones are so sensitive they could easily shatter when dropped.

The best way for a customer to figure out whether insurance is necessary would be to add up the cost of twelve months of coverage to the deductible and compare that to the full retail price of the phone. If the full retail price of the phone is more than it would be beneficial to have insurance.

Cell phone insurance covers loss, theft, and damage such as cracks, broken hinges, busts, and most accidental damages. Cell phone insurance may not cover water damage, refurbished phones over ninety days old, and software damages from jail breaking and modifications. Contact carrier for more information.

The price of cell phone insurance varies with each provider and the third company party they are working with. The monthly fee can be anywhere from $3 per month to $7 per month. Deductibles for replacement phones vary between $50 and $70. Claims may be limited to once or twice per year.

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